The most compact way to fold a storage blanket

The cold season is coming to an end, and soon you can sleep without blankets. Where are they going? The previous place in the closet was already full. All family blankets will not fit there. Now, if you fold them somehow more compactly! It turns out there are such ways! Will we try?

We use vacuum bags

The easiest way to put a thing for long-term storage in a vacuum bag. It is made of transparent plastic, equipped with a valve. The design of the package is such that it not only protects things from the harmful effects of the environment, moisture, pests (in particular, from moths), but also makes objects compact .

How to use

In order to use this method, you need to purchase a package of a suitable size and perform a number of simple steps.

  1. Fold the blanket into a compact roller and place it inside the container.
  2. “Tamp” it a little and fasten the zipper all the way.

Attention! Before the procedure, make sure that things are clean and dry. It is advisable to withstand the blanket for some time in the hot sun.

  1. Open the valve hole and attach the pump or vacuum hose to it.
  2. Pump out air for 30 seconds and tighten the valve cover tightly.

Now the blanket is ready for storage.

Where to store

In addition to proper packaging, you need to choose a suitable place for storage. For this, the upper shelves of cabinets and mezzanines are great. Packages can be stacked on top of each other in the utility room.

Important! It is undesirable for direct sunlight to fall on the packaging.

The downside of this storage method is only one: with careless handling, the internal vacuum can be broken . Because of this, dust and dirt may get on the blanket.

Fold the blanket in Japanese

It would seem that folding a blanket is a simple matter. But this is only at first glance. After all, on how large the package will be, it will depend on how much space it takes in the closet. The most effective way was proposed by the Japanese . It looks as follows.

Turn a blanket into a pillow

  1. Bend the short side down about 1/4.
  2. Visually divide the width into three equal parts and turn the left part to the center.

  1. Then lay on top of the right side.
  2. Thus, we turn the resulting design in three steps, starting from the edge, which is not bent.
  3. We turn the structure, while tucking it into the formed pocket.

Reference! A large thin blanket must first be folded in half, and then act according to the instructions.


If desired, a blanket folded in this way can be used as an extra pillow . You can store it right on the bed, using it as an original decorative pillow, especially if you put it inside a bright beautiful pillowcase.

A product folded in this way practically does not crease and occupies a small space .

This method is also useful for car trips and trips: the blanket does not take up much space in the car, but if necessary, you can wrap it in it or put it under your head for relaxation.

The same method can be used by presenting a blanket or blanket as a gift.

Using such tricks, it is fashionable to simplify your life and save the space of cabinets and mezzanines for storing other things.