The most beautiful wedding dresses of stars

A wedding is a special day in the life of any girl! Every bride dreams that the celebration would be remembered not only by her and her chosen one, but also by everyone who was there that day. Everything matters in the preparation of the celebration, to say nothing of the wedding dress! Especially for the "star" bride, an outfit for which fashionable couturiers are preparing. Many admire their masterpieces. And they carefully memorize details in order to borrow individual elements, trends and directions. Let's admire the famous brides and their dresses together.

The best wedding dresses of stars

There are a lot of wonderful outfits in which celebrities were married.

Anne Hathaway

For her holiday she chose a gentle image of an air creature.

The lush foam of the hem made her waist extraordinarily thin, and the lace corsage only strengthened this impression. And, of course, her charming smile and shining eyes can not leave anyone indifferent!

Gwen Stefani

The American singer and actress loves original clothes. For her triumph, she habitually decided to move away from generally accepted canons.

The unusualness of her vestments is the color transition from white to purple . At the same time, the overall cut is distinguished by deliberate modesty. But to the woman, this undoubtedly goes.

Alyssa Milano

Another actress and singer from the United States preferred a light cream dress with an open fantasy top.

A fluffy skirt and small buds on the belt add a touch of modesty to her image and add a touch of innocence.

Alicia Keys

In her outfit, Alisha Keyes resembled the Greek goddess descending from Olympus.

But, despite the external modesty, she looked full of dignity queen.

Elizabeth Taylor

The wedding dress of Elizabeth Taylor, despite the time elapsed since the marriage, is still one of the most beautiful and stylish.

It embodies the ageless classic of a wedding attire.

Jenny McCarthy

TV presenter Jenny McCarthy did not immediately present her wedding attire to the general public.

But the wait was worth it. A fitted strapless top and a lush hem decorated with flowers made Jenny the real princess of fairy tales.

Reference! The dress was shown to the public six months after the celebration.

Angelina Jolie

The outfit of Angelina Jolie looks a bit extravagant because of the embroidery that imitates the drawings of her adopted children. But the actress will undoubtedly face such an outfit.

Kim Kardashian

Kim put on a stylish lace robe, custom-made for her wedding.

In it, the figure of the bride looks even more appetizing and at the same time elegant.

Victoria Swarovski

Victoria's starryness is not caused by high-profile roles or film awards. She is the heiress of a large fortune and the owner of a very beautiful and very heavy dress.

Reference! The outfit of Victoria Swarovski weighs about 43 kg, because it took about half a million crystals to its decor. The cost of the dress is approaching a million - 902 thousand dollars.

What you can learn from celebrities

In an effort to choose the most amazing outfit, girls should remember several basic rules that helped star brides look inimitable.

  • Color does not have to be white . In the modern world, any shade is suitable for a wedding dress, the main thing is to take into account the time of year and the chosen style of celebration.
  • If the outfit is richly decorated, it is preferable to choose simple and austere jewelry .
  • And vice versa: you can complement the dress with a simple cut with the help of intricate jewelry.
  • During and after the ceremony, you will have to walk a lot, so choose comfortable shoes.
  • If you are not sure about the choice of dress style - feel free to give preference to a classic model.

We wish you to be a real star in your chosen dress at your wedding!