The most beautiful sneakers in the world

Sneakers outgrew a sporty look, a modern lifestyle and fashion trends allow you to combine sneakers with a business suit, and even with an evening dress. Many dudes take these shoes as the basis of the whole image, and are ready to give fabulous money, most importantly, to remain the most beautiful and be in trend.

How to choose the most beautiful sneakers?

The question of how to choose the most beautiful sneakers does not sound a bit correct. Everyone chooses shoes based on personal preferences, but still there are several accents that should be paid special attention.

Beauty or convenience:

  • Of course, aesthetics comes first, but does it always bring benefits.
  • Price, too, does not always speak of quality, many designers in the name of fashion create collections only for beauty.

When choosing a new pair of sneakers in your wardrobe, do not forget about your own style, but also remember that the most beautiful sneakers in the world can be uncomfortable while walking, running. And then your fashionable expensive shoes will turn into an accessory for the closet.

Models of beautiful sneakers from unique materials

Manufacturers of sneakers go to a lot of tricks to achieve popularity among consumers. Designers create masterpieces that deserve an Oscar, original materials are used to make beautiful stylish sneakers: reptile leather, precious metals and stones.

Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Flat. Bright red sneakers, with a white edging styled as a snake style, instantly attract the eyes of everyone around. But the main thing, the “trick” is not this, the shoes are not made of high-quality leatherette, but of real snake skin.

For such beauty will have to pay about $ 1600.

Rick Owens Geobasket Iguana. The name answers the main question, but this couple is made of iguana skin. American fashion designer Rick Owens never ceases to amaze fans with new products. Iguana slip-ons have already appealed to many foreign stars; Madonna and Rihanna bought them in their collection.

The model costs about $ 4000.

Buschemi 100 MM Diamond. At first glance, an ordinary pair of snow-white sneakers, but with an expensive secret. These sneakers are adorned with a fortune, namely a buckle with a lock made of 18 carat gold studded with diamonds.

The price of course, painfully "bites" $ 132, 000.

Popular looks in the most beautiful sneakers in the world

Nike SB Flom Dunk High. A classic black and white look is emphasized by inserts of red and gold embossing. Those wishing to purchase this pair will have to try, they not only look expensive and cost, but are also sold in several stores around the world.

The price is about $ 7500.

Nike Mag "Back to the Future. And again, "Nike" is not inferior to its position. Shoes created based on the movie "Back to the Future", and who does not dream of walking in shoes from his beloved movie hero. But here it’s not so simple, the sneakers of the future are created in a limited number, only 100 pairs and were played in lotteries.

You can buy from the lucky ones, and they will cost as much as $ 30, 000.

Nike ParaNorman Foamposite. Where without the legendary brand "Nike." The original sneakers with tongues of flame are asked to walk along the dark street, and scare everyone around. The luminous sole on a phosphor base is a little scary for ordinary people, but for lovers of extreme beauty a great option.

Air Jordan 2 Eminem 313. And again, "Nike" at the peak of fashion. A special collection made in retro style, but taking into account all fashion trends. If a couple liked it, then you have to try to purchase them, the manufacturers released a limited line, and it literally scattered. Retro-sneakers are in demand, they are constantly bought by each other dudes from around the world, most importantly, find your size.

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB 'Paris'. Of course, “Nike”, this brand has conquered the world, they really make the most beautiful, high-quality and fashionable sports shoes. A pair of sneakers, created in the style of the Parisian spring, are asked to walk in them along the winding streets of France and plunge into the world of harmony and silence.

Beauty requires not only sacrifice, but also investment, and at the same time I am small. Of course, not everyone can afford such a luxury, but many stores offer replicas of well-known brands at affordable prices.