The most beautiful dresses in the world

All designers are striving to make a unique luxurious outfit that will be recognized as the most beautiful in the world. But only a few fashion designers managed to stay in the world history of fashion, creating a real masterpiece.

What dresses are the most luxurious in the world?

In the world there are innumerable beautiful dresses. Designers constantly create luxurious and impressive outfits. Some models have become iconic. They created a sensation of movie stars, sports, fashion, music and other areas of activity.

Beauty is a subjective concept. There is no definite template that defines a single beautiful ideal. That is why in the ratings there are models of different styles, long and short, evening and everyday, with different materials and decorations.


A beautiful long dress for Naomi Watts created the fashion house Armani. To create one outfit, it took 2 months of hard work. The model has a straight cut with a slightly narrowed skirt, an asymmetrical neckline and an emphasized waist. To make the robe shiny, it was embroidered with diamonds.

The sex symbol Angelina Jolie also had a reason to walk along the red carpet in one of the most beautiful dresses in the world. The work was carried out by the designers of the fashion house Versace . The evening toilet favorably emphasizes the figure of the actress, adds femininity and coquetry.

Characteristic of the dress of Angelina Jolie:

  • the atlas made a material;
  • color - delicate cream;
  • The highlight of the model is a high red lapel.

Actress Olivia Wilde appeared in a beautiful evening toilet at the Golden Globe Award. She was wearing a magnificent robe in gray-black tones. Silver sparkles add brightness as well. This masterpiece created the Marchesa fashion house.

The story filled the image of Marilyn Monroe, in which she presented herself to President John F. Kennedy. The sex symbol sang on the birthday of a famous politician, so the outfit is called Happy Birthday.

The designer of the dress is Jean Louis . It is made of translucent airy fabric, so it looks quite sexy. At the same time, the robe is covered with diamond sequins, which helped to achieve the effect of radiance. Now this masterpiece was acquired by Gotta Have It, which paid $ 1 million for it.

A short

One of the most beautiful short dresses in the world is considered to be New Look outfits. Fashionable styles designed by Christian Dior. Models are distinguished by a short tulip skirt, tight-fitting top and bare shoulders.

In a stunning short dress on the red carpet walked actress Jessica Alba. The designer of her outfit was the Gucci fashion house. The tight fit is completely strewn with silver. One shoulder is open, the second has a short sleeve.

The simplest but most refined outfit was designed by Coco Chanel . A constant addition to the model was considered an exquisite string of pearls. At one time, a little black dress made a splash. Now it is available in the wardrobe of almost every woman. The style is versatile, because it is suitable for everyday wear, as well as formal events.

Important! The first little black dress had a straight skirt, which slightly covered her knees, long tight sleeves and emphasized the waist. But over time, designers have developed a large number of different variations of the model.

The most luxurious little black dresses in history:

  • Coco Chanel’s original outfit, in which the famous fashion designer first appeared on the pages of the glossy Vogue edition;
  • cocktail version from Chloe and Reese, the corset of which was decorated with diamonds;
  • Princess Diana's tight-fitting robe with half-open shoulders, in which she first appeared after her husband's confession of treason.

The stunning short dress of Marilyn Monroe, whose skirt rises from the wind, was replicated in many copies. Designer Bill Travill created a fairly simple style. The outfit had a deep neckline, an emphasized waist and an airy pleated skirt.

Princess Diana had excellent taste. Many remember the short blue dress in which she appeared on the red carpet. The outfit had thick straps and a modest neckline. The elegance of the model was added by the radiance achieved through sparkles.


The real delight is the masterpiece of designer Luly Yang. The dress is made in the style of the wings of a fluttering butterfly. This is the most extravagant model in the modern world of fashion. At first, the fashion designer used paper to create her creation. Then the outfit became silk.

When walking, light tissue begins to move and resembles the graceful movements of butterfly wings . The upper part of the unusual costume is tight. The corset top is decorated with feathers.

Scarlett O'Hara, the main character of the film “Gone with the Wind”, boasts not only an unusual character, but also outfits. According to the plot, she sewed her dress from the curtains. The robe really looked chic. Saturated green velvet perfectly emphasized the stubborn character of the heroine.

A stunning extravagant outfit was demonstrated at an exhibition in China in 2009. For sewing apparel, 2 thousand peacock feathers were used. To create this masterpiece, it took 2 months of hard work. The upper part is decorated with jades. Nanking brocade was used for sewing.

The singer Rihanna is also able to surprise. In 2011, she appeared in public in an unusual abstract outfit. The dress has a strange shape and is made in black and white. It is short in front and elongated at the back. The highlight of the attire was the perforation that adorned both the bodice and the skirt.

Stunning beauty have styles of fresh flowers. For such an experiment, the designer Joe Massie decided. Such outfits are actively used for photo shoots in glossy magazines. The designer has developed a unique technology that helps flowers maintain a fresh look longer.

Hollywood stars are actively exploiting unusual dresses with backlight . This effect is achieved thanks to the LEDs. In such an instance, Katy Perry appeared on the red carpet. The outfit of the first singer was distinguished by lightness, airiness, light tones. In her speech, Rihanna used lights in a dark and formal attire.

Top 5 most expensive dresses in the world

The evaluation criteria were not only the cost of the materials spent on creating the dress, but also many other parameters.

First place

The most expensive dress is called the Nightingale and is estimated at $ 30 million. Its design was developed by the famous fashion designer Fayzali Abdullah. The high price of the outfit is due to the use of 751 diamonds, and the highlight was the pear-shaped decoration, which weighs 70 carats.

Characteristics of the most expensive evening dress:

  • The material for the dress was taffeta and silk;
  • outfit color - burgundy;
  • a long train to match the evening dress embroidered with jewels.

Second place

It takes a model from a Dubai designer - Abay. This is a traditional black Muslim clothing embroidered with gold and diamond jewelry. Here, diamonds of various shades were used: from white to rare red varieties. The cost of the order is estimated at 17.7 million dollars.

Third place

Deservedly given alongside by Scott Henshall. He was valued at 9 million dollars. The dress resembles a web. It is embroidered with 3 thousand diamonds. The happy owner of an exclusive style was the singer Samantha Mamba, in which she presented herself at the film premiere in 2004.

Fourth place

It took the creation of the Japanese fashion designer Ginza Tanaka. The price of an interesting work is 8.3 million dollars. This is a luxurious wedding look. It was developed and presented in 2013. For the dress used 502 diamonds and lots of pearls.

Fifth place

It takes the work of fashion designer Debbie Wingham. The price of a strictly outfit is $ 5.6 million. It is embroidered with many diamonds with a gold border, so it weighs 13 kg. The crepe de chine, satin and chiffon served as the material for the outfit. The designer worked on her creation for about six months. She made stitches with her own hands to create an unrivaled masterpiece.

The most beautiful wedding dress

Real excitement rose around Kate Middleton's wedding dress. She went down the aisle in a magical ivory outfit with lace accents. The final element of the image was a long train. Fashion designer Sarah Burton worked on the design.

Important! The prototype of the stunning wedding image of Kate Middleton was the outfit of the American actress Grace Kelly, in which she became engaged to the Prince of Monaco.

Grace Kelly appeared in a luxurious wedding dress. Her outfit became the starting point for opening a whole fashion direction . This model is still popular, because every bride wants to look like a princess.

Distinctive features of the wedding dress Gray Kelly:

  • long lace sleeves;
  • a fluffy layered skirt;
  • lace top with neat buttons;
  • refined train.

The wedding dress Jacqueline Kennedy became the reference dress. The model has an A-silhouette, tight-fitting corset, a fluffy skirt and half-open shoulders. This style is considered the standard of femininity and tenderness.

The classics of white wedding dresses were violated by the beige and gold outfit of Alesandra Lenas. A tight-fitting top and long sleeves made of thin lace. The skirt is made of organza and silk, quite lush. The sophistication of the attire emphasizes a long train. Throughout the image, something mysterious and magical is traced.

A stunning dress was on the bride of George Clooney Amal Alamuddin. A distinctive feature of the outfit is a long train. The robe has half-open shoulders, a tight corset and a loose skirt. Designer Oscar de la Renta used lace, tulle, rhinestones, beads, pearls.