The modern USSR: how can and should you not dress in North Korea

North Korea is a country of a totalitarian regime, a cult of the leader and severe restrictions. They apply even to clothing. Violating the state dress code is prohibited for both children and adults. The most closed country exists in its own world with ostentatious luxury and real poverty. Strict bans on clothes alienate residents from the rest of the world not only territorially. Traveling abroad is prohibited, the Internet is not available. Local beauties can compare their wardrobe only with the wardrobe of visiting foreigners. By the way, entry into the isolated world of Kim Jong-un is also limited.

What clothes are banned in North Korea

For blue jeans popular in the whole civilized world, you can rattle behind bars or get into a labor camp for a long time. If the jeans are gray or black, please wear your favorite pants. But the combination of blue and jeans is a political crime, propaganda of imperialism.

Neckline, mini, open swimwear, not to mention bikini - this is not for Korean women. They do not have the right to publicly demonstrate their beautiful Asian legs, bust, other charms. Until recently, the length of the skirt, the depth of cut and height of the heel were regulated at the legislative level. Bright colors were not welcome. She was allowed only in national dress at the wedding ceremony.

Poor men! Passed with his beautiful wife once in a lifetime, and that's enough. To work! By the way, about men. Do not believe it, but in places of worship (mausoleums of leaders), the entrance is only in suits and ties.

About hairstyles. Species diversity is excluded. The entire range is strictly regulated: 10 male, 18 female haircuts. Do not take it easy. There are no natural blondes and redheads among the local population, artificially created too. Gray hair is welcomed, hair dye is only black.

What do they go

North Koreans prefer a uniform under which they put on shirts of discreet tones. Since it is strictly forbidden to import and export press, a foreign fashion magazine is a rarity. Local magazines are reminiscent of the editions of the Moscow Fashion House of the early seventies: photos with similar models, different trim elements, and pot-bellied tabs with patterns.

What the country is proud of is the quality of fabrics. A minimum of synthetics, only natural raw materials. No sequins, sequins, lurex, flashy colors and evocative prints. Although large beads, colored finishes can be seen.

Recently, a platform is allowed, a heel is above average, boats, fitted sheath dresses and voluminous down jackets.

The dress code for the swimwear has not changed: it is, rather, a closed mini-dress, and not beachwear in the conventional sense. As for the "face clothing" - makeup should be moderate. Women “come off” on skin care cosmetics. They are abundant. Youth adheres to regulated canons. Even boys do not wear shorts. Jackets with a hood are exotic available for the most wealthy fashionistas.

Where to dress

Most acquire outfits in stores or in clothing markets. Developments by local designers are not diverse. The fashion center is faithful to the traditions and precepts of the leader.

The center’s specialists control all clothing factories. People consciously and systematically turn into a controlled gray mass, not only at the level of consciousness, but also clothing. Only in recent years have multicolored paints appeared on the streets. You can see bright women's costumes, men in a cage and stripes. Fashionistas and fashionistas prefer custom tailoring - good, tailoring workshops on every corner. Tailors in high esteem, turn to them. Low-income Koreans who dream of dressing fashionably master the sewing technique on their own. Winter clothes are boring and monotonous. Coats differ only in color and detail.

What can I get a fine for?

The cult of formal clothing is a thing of the past. True, this trend did not affect men. But the hem of women's skirts with rulers is no longer measured, for wearing pantsuits are not pursued. Fans of a mini and a decollete are still fined. You can’t appear on the street in a swimsuit and shorts. Criminal offense: wearing blue and blue jeans.