Models of winter dresses

Fashion returns to coziness and comfort, trying not only to decorate women, but also to warm them in cold winters. Dresses are knitted from natural wool threads, alpaca, goats and sheep of special breeds and camels are very actively used. To increase strength and wear resistance add acrylic, nylon or other synthetic threads.

Styles of warm dresses

Popular things that fashionistas should pay attention to:

  • Elegant models with any cut, with assembly at the bottom, with a collar-collar;
  • Winter sweater dress looks chic in combination with leggings of dark colors. It is perfectly complemented by bright bracelets, scarves, belts. They can have an interesting pattern, for example, voluminous “braids”, “plaits”, geometric patterns, can be performed in various colors;
  • The 80s style returns, with long sleeves with a snug fit at the wrist;
  • Do not lose the relevance of the “bat” model;
  • Knitwear, warm and thin options look charming and sophisticated.

NOTE! Classic outfits never get old. For lovers of classics, fashionable images using gray, white, black and beige shades are provided.


Knits are chosen for warmth and convenience. It is important to choose every detail of the wardrobe according to the figure in order to hide all the flaws and emphasize the pros. There are models using large knitting or openwork options. Indisputable advantages:

  • Suitable for both full and slender women;
  • Provides comfort and convenience;
  • Warm in frost;
  • It will not go out of fashion for a very long time;
  • You can knit yourself and get a unique, stylish thing.

FOR REFERENCE! Short options will look great with fur coats, and long ones with a fur cape or a stylish bolero. They are interestingly combined with shoes with natural fur.

The color scheme tends to calm shades of beige, gray, brown and black.


They emphasize the fragility and harmony of the female figure. Knitted products are versatile, and when choosing, you should pay attention to the composition of the material and the quality of the processing of seams. If the seams are executed sloppy, then this is a clear sign of unprofessional execution and it is better to refuse to buy, so it is not recommended to buy cheap clothes.

IMPORTANT! In the trend, jerseys are especially impressive with a floor length. They can be used in the office or at school, stylists advise combining with a cardigan.

One of the wonderful details of a fashionable outfit is the smell, which gives the image femininity and mystery. Such a thing can be safely worn at a social event.

There are non-trivial variations of winter dresses with bare shoulders, demonstrating the refined taste of fashionistas.

What other dresses are worn in winter, in which cases

  • Sundress. A lot of options for sundresses for the winter appeared, under which turtlenecks, blouses and even sweaters are worn. Layered and a combination of various textured fabrics is still in fashion.
  • Velvet outfits. Velvet continues to be in the trend, it can be used to create almost any image. There are original gradient colors.
  • "Shirts." They can be safely used in a business style even in winter. They hide the line of the hips, visually reducing the volume. The collar and clasp at the top will help visually increase the bust.

Refined winter dresses help to stand out in a crowd of equally dressed people in gray trousers and down jackets, to preserve femininity and elegance even in severe frosts, while remaining warm and comfortably dressed.