Models of summer dresses

Summer is a great time to show yourself in all its glory. Help women in this dress, of course.

What models of summer dresses exist

The lineup of summer dresses is large and diverse. In summer models, designers embody their wildest fantasies. Summer dress is an example of femininity, elegance and charisma. The length can be mini, to the middle of the knee, midi and maxi. Popular models:

  • direct;
  • flared;
  • trapezoid;
  • sundresses;
  • dresses - bathrobes;
  • dresses - shirts.

Summer models have different purposes: office option, beach, casual, cocktail and, of course, evening.

If cocktail dresses can be mini and midi, then evening models predominate in floor length, and office options are knee-length. Delicate pastel colors are in fashion. Classic peas, cage, stripes compete except with geometric prints and a floral palette.

Models for the summer are skillfully decorated by designers with various design solutions:

  • lace;
  • applications;
  • overhead elements;
  • oblique hem;
  • shoulder strap;
  • ruffles and shuttlecocks;
  • drapery.

Women especially like dresses with bare shoulders. They draw attention to the shoulders and neck, and distracts from problem areas.

At the peak of popularity among leading fashion designers and ordinary girls, cocktail dresses. Their style is diverse, but the most winning options are a dress - a case and a model with asymmetry.

Very popular this season, models with a gradient of colors moving from one color scheme to another.

Important! Women who are inclined to fullness should not wear oversized clothes (shapeless and hoodies two sizes larger).

Styles and styles of summer dresses and sundresses

The season 2018 - 2019 is represented by a wide variety of styles and styles of dresses.

Rustic clothing is loose semi-adjacent silhouettes. The model of a fitted silhouette with a skirt - the sun, will suit slender girls in a short version, knee-length it will look great on lush beauties. In both cases, open shoulders or a neckline will be appropriate.

Dress - a dressing gown with the help of oblique odor lines allows you to visually make the figure slimmer. These models look beautiful in both short and long versions.

Country style dictates its own rules: these are fitted models, long to the middle of the knee. They are decorated with lace, guipure, lacing and ribbons.

Stylish French Provence with a fine print is perfect in light, long dresses. Dressed on top and flared to the bottom, the dressing gown with or without short sleeves looks attractive and romantic. Outfits of pastel colors in a small flower, for example, a blue background and white flowers, are especially popular.

Street fashion has been supporting the trend for several seasons - a horizontal strip. These are loose dresses, sometimes with a belt or belt. This style of clothing is convenient for walking around the city, shopping. Such models are combined with denim shirts, or sneakers.

Especially popular among women are dresses - tunics. Free models that do not constrain the chest and waist come in different lengths. Therefore, you can pick them up for any figure. They hide all the flaws. For summer, light flowing fabrics are relevant. This outfit looks very nice with a long sleeve on the cuff.

Unusually and spectacularly, the model looks pleated from the throat, slightly above the knee, without sleeves. Layered dresses made of light chiffon are still at the peak of popularity.

Beach fashion is distinguished by transparency of fabrics, chiffon is perfect. Loose dresses of different lengths are distinguished by the brightness of shades and prints. Knitted cotton dresses look wonderful, they are tight-fitting and loose.

Important! A transparent beach outfit should harmonize with a swimsuit.

For sea trips, a translucent Greek-style sundress will be indispensable, its length depends on your preferences, but the ideal option is maxi length. The color for it is better to choose a solid, pastel colors.

Evening summer dresses are very diverse. There are straight and flared, short in front, long in the back, with a deep neckline on the back, with different shapes of sleeves. The luxurious style of mallet is popular - it is the balance of the naked top and the back length of the hem on the floor. All of them require a responsible approach to the choice of shoes and accessories to make the image luxurious.

How to create a fashionable look with a summer dress

The summer look, regardless of purpose, should be light, airy, romantic and fun. To create a complete harmonious image, you need to choose the right accessories. The rounded shape of the bag is well suited to models with ruffles made of flowing material.

For a dress with a complex print, accessories of simple shapes that are not flashy are appropriate, and for monophonic outfits, large, bright designer products should be selected.

For office style, you should adhere to the classic rule: shoes, handbag, belt should be in the same color scheme.

Attention! At work in the office should not wear large jewelry and do bright makeup. This will distract you and others from the working spirit, and leaders do not welcome such a choice.

Another rule: donning an expensive outfit, do not use cheap jewelry.

The rule of three states that you should not wear more than three jewelry at the same time.

Then your image will be elegant and attractive.

Large bright accents will be appropriate with a plain evening dress. Use in the image of vintage earrings, brooches emphasize your taste.

With a long loose sundress, a hat with large brim and a large colorful bag are appropriate.

Dresses should be in the wardrobe of every woman. This is an opportunity to create your own unique image.