Models of stylish shoes 2019/20: mules, dorseys and slingbacks

Women's shoes are not limited to classic boats. There are many more diverse models, from the beauty and grace of which it is simply breathtaking.

Fashion trends shoes 2019/20

What designers have done lately is indescribable! There are few changes in the color scheme, the materials used, the height of the heel, and now the form is undergoing transformation. The most interesting thing is that the basis for creativity has long been known to the world: each type of shoe has its own story ...

Forget about old ballet shoes, take away boring shoes: it's time to add color to your shoe arsenal!


The most summer option. These shoes will show your legs in full glory. A distinctive feature of this model is the open heel . In this case, the forefoot is closed with various forms of the vamp.

They differ from clogs by the obligatory presence of a heel . Such shoes are loved by women in all countries: they are elegant, stylish and very comfortable.

Types of Mule

In stores you can find mules for every taste, size and wallet. The simplest ones are espadrilles mules (like slippers). They are soft, have a small heel and resemble the standard shoes of the eastern rulers. However, this option will help you look spectacular both in the city and on the beach.

Those who like to be on top (in the literal sense of the word) will also like these shoes. A hairpin, a “shot glass”, a massive square heel ... By the way, the latter will not look too heavy due to the open back.

You can also choose a vamp: straight, with an elongated or round cape, asymmetrical ...

As the decor , stones, rhinestones and sequins, all kinds of weaving and straps, fur are used . Feathers have become a new phenomenon in the world of shoe fashion - this creates the feeling that the owner of the mule is ready to take off at any moment.

What to wear?

Depending on your image, you need to pay attention to a specific mule model. If you decide to wear a pantsuit or dark jeans, it is better to choose elegant shoes with ajar cape . A completely closed dense vamp will look harmoniously in combination with culottes or breeches.

Skirts and dresses will also make up a beautiful tandem with a mule on thin and high heels. A hint of casual style will appear with an oversized shirt.

Important! With all the charm of such shoes, you need to remember that they should not be worn in the office. Even if you don’t have a strictly dress code, mules may look irresponsible and even frivolous.

Dorsey Shoes

According to famous singer Katy Perry, shoes should not be boring. It’s hard to disagree. In unusual and beautiful shoes you feel completely different. The sophisticated highlight of your wardrobe can be dorsey shoes.


In the XIX century, this model was invented by one count-mod in France. The name, by the way, the shoes received by his last name. Alfred Guillaume Gabriel d'Orsay had quite wide feet, which is why the purchase of beautiful shoes has always become a big problem. He decided to slightly transform the standard style - to remove the side walls. So there were dorsey shoes, which in the modern world have become an excellent replacement for ordinary boats.

Today in the windows you can find dorseys both on a hairpin and on a flat sole (alternative to ballet shoes) and even on a wedge. Additional elements can be straps, ribbons, an open cape.

What to wear?

The versatility of this model allows you to wear it as an addition to any look. An exception can only be sports or beach bows . Pants, skirts, dresses, classic overalls - you can wear these shoes with any outfit!

Important! Elegant closed dorsey shoes do not violate the dress code of even the most strict institution . In this case, rather, on the contrary, they will help create the impression of you as a sophisticated stylish lady.

Fashionable prints for the summer season 2019: nude shades, delicate emerald, bright yellow, orange and even animal motifs (and it is better to pay attention to the color of harmless animals, for example, zebras).

Slingback shoes

The sexiest and most feminine shoe model according to most men. Famous style icons and fashion houses prefer these shoes to many others.


Slingbacks are not too different from the usual classics. The touch on the open back gives a special touch and a sense of a certain mystery.

To create such shoes, the most “girlish” delicate materials are used: satin, velor, velvet, patent leather, suede ... Heel is also a means of expression: interesting shapes, beautiful stilettos, durable small models - there is room for a real aesthete to turn around here!

The latest trend was the replacement of the usual rear strap with a beautiful rubber band . This option was suggested by Daniel Lee, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta.

What to wear?

Slingbacks are mainly used in the familiar urban environment.

In addition, the exceptional femininity of this model is good at any celebration, romantic date or party .

Advice! It is not worth taking slingbacks to nature or, especially, to the sea - this will be extremely inappropriate and inconvenient. For the same reason as mules, don’t put them on in the office.

Slingback shoes look best with fitted dresses and skirts. Of course, it is possible to wear them in tandem with trousers, but it is better to abandon this prospect.

Thanks to the efforts of fashion designers and designers, today every fashionista easily manages to create her own unique style. In the future, for sure, an even more amazing assortment awaits us. The listed models have already earned honorable places on shoe shelves.