Models of knit dresses

Nowadays, I want to combine practicality and elegance daily and therefore a knitted dress is an indispensable part of any woman’s wardrobe.

On the shelves you can find a huge variety of models, from home to evening.

Properly selected density and material properties allow you to wear them in any season.

Such a product perfectly emphasizes all the advantages of your figure.

Important! Take your model seriously, the wrong choice will emphasize the flaws of the figure.


  • Fashion trends of knitted dresses 2018-2019
  • Stylish styles
  • Sheath Dress
  • Knitted dress for every day
  • Knitted tunic dress
  • Knitted Maxi Dress
  • Evening Dress
  • Knitted summer dresses

Fashion trends of knitted dresses 2018-2019

Natural fibers are in fashion, so dresses from wool, angora, cashmere, tweed, cotton are most often found .

In 2018-2019, the following details are trending:

  • maxi length (to the floor) or midi (10-15 cm below the knee);
  • pastel colors : peach, gray, light brown, but there is still a place for darker, quieter colors: black, brown, burgundy, khaki;
  • loose fit, but the adjacent silhouettes remain as an updated classic;
  • a geometric pattern or folk ornament will be the best print of this year, and a little lace - the best decoration, most importantly, do not overdo it.

Stylish styles

The most famous brands prefer knitted fabrics, as they are easy to use and keep their shape perfectly.

Important! Knitwear is not picky in care, is not afraid of machine wash, but natural fabrics can shrink, before washing, you need to study the recommendations on the label.

With a wide variety of models presented by designers at the latest fashion shows, we can distinguish the main styles of this season:

Sheath Dress

Dress with an adjacent silhouette, a classic version with the addition of modern elements is perfect for an office or social event.

When choosing this model for work, it can be:

  • monochrome, made in one color;
  • combined, it is customary to use no more than three colors, these can be prints, for example, light geometry, or pattern lines emphasizing the advantages of the figure.

Such an outfit should be knee-length, the sleeve is preferable to a long or three-quarters, the neck of the boat, a round neckline or an elegant collar will look good.

Important! The deep neckline and open shoulders are a thing of the past.

Choosing a sheath dress for a party, it is worth staying at monochrome. Perfect black or burgundy tight knitwear. A three-quarter sleeve or a short covering shoulder will look good, it can be made of lace in the color of the dress, which will add elegance to the evening outfit.

Reference! “It is easy to dress with Scheherazade, it is difficult to find a small black dress” - these are the words of the great fashion designer Coco Chanel, and it was she who created the first knitted collection and introduced a sheath dress into the women's wardrobe.

Knitted dress for every day

In order to remain attractive every day, despite the hasty pace of life, it is worth replacing the usual jeans with a dress made of loose-fitting knitwear.

It will look great with any comfortable shoes:

A-line dress only midi solid pastel colors is perfect for any figure. It can be made of materials of any density, so you can wear it year-round.

Overseas, sewn from natural wool knitwear of large knitting, often with a knitted geometric or openwork pattern. A long sleeve and a collar are the main features of this season. It is cozy and warm so that it is well suited for cold weather.

Cocoon dress can be worn in any season, in the autumn-winter period it is advisable to choose outerwear of the same shape and length. This outfit looks best without a sleeve and with a shallow neck, the boat will look good. In cool weather, the cocoon goes well with a voluminous shawl or worn over a turtleneck.

A one-piece maxi dress made of thick wool knitwear will become a comfortable outfit for every day. This season, the prevailing variety of soft colors, seamlessly transitioning from one to another in a geometric pattern or folk ornament.

Knitted tunic dress

This is a free-cut model that can be worn with tight tights, leggings, with tight trousers or jeans.

The length of such a product is usually mini, a bat sleeve or flare slightly below the elbow. Often with an asymmetric sleeve and a wide neckline.

Knitted Maxi Dress

Floor length is especially popular this year. As summer and autumn-spring options, modern fashionistas choose:

  • T-shirt dress with a semi-adjacent silhouette;
  • sleeveless, loose or adjacent cut;
  • a maxi model with a long sleeve and a collar under the neck, like a turtleneck, can be a warm and comfortable solution in the cool time.

Designers recommend choosing smooth or corrugated knitwear of medium density . Solid maxi dresses will look good in beige, gray, black and burgundy colors, as well as khaki. But do not forget about the geometry and ornament, which will be a wonderful decoration of a costume that does not require additional accessories.

Evening Dress

It can be made of thin or dense material, most often in evening dresses they use dark colors, for example, black, burgundy, dark green, dark blue, but pastel colors will look great at any celebration.

To enter a social event, they are well suited:

  • The silhouette of a new look with a detachable skirt at the waist, its length can be midi or maxi, with a long sleeve and a shallow neck, decorated with lace or stones and rhinestones will make a memorable image.
  • Dress with the smell of fine knitwear in delicate colors, with a draped skirt and bodice.

Knitted summer dresses

This fabric is one of the most comfortable for the summer, because it has high hygroscopicity and breathability, crease resistance and drapes well.

Summer models are striking in their diversity:

  • Sundresses on wide straps or with lowered shoulders, a straight silhouette or on a drawstring at the waist, sunny and bright with floral prints or black and white vests.
  • The combination of knitted fabrics with lace or chiffon makes a strict style more delicate and romantic. Companion fabrics can be made sleeves, collar, yoke or completely top in the form of a blouse.

Fashion brands and designers elegantly combined the style, beauty and comfort of modern women in knitted dresses. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex should get a couple of fashionable and comfortable knitted dresses.