Models of dresses for short women (photo)

Many short girls perceive their growth as a punishment. It can be difficult for them to choose a dress that favorably emphasizes the figure and does not reduce growth even more. However, replenishing the wardrobe with a dress for small stature is easier than it seems.

It is important to know several features and take advantage of some visual tricks that will help to add a few centimeters even without the use of high-heeled shoes.

Rules for choosing a style: what is possible and what is not

In fact, it is not so difficult to choose a dress of a suitable style, you just need to follow simple rules and avoid what is definitely not suitable for a short lady.


Dress for a short girl can be made of various materials. For the warmer months, it is better to choose an option from a flying fabric. For winter, models of medium and high density materials that hold their shape well are preferable .

If you like knitted dresses, then you should consider that they add extra volume due to their thickness. The way out of this situation is a dress of vertical knitting, for example, with small braids or ornaments.

“Small” women are better off discarding fabrics with shine, such as satin, and sequin or sequin materials . Due to the reflective particles, they can increase the girl by a width in breadth, but not by a couple of centimeters in height.


A beautifully decorated dress always cheers you up. However, some elements can definitely ruin the mood when a short woman looks in the mirror. This decor can include:

  • Large patch pockets around the chest, waist, or hips
  • collars that do not fit the neck, but turn away;
  • bows, ruffles, frills and shuttlecocks;
  • large buttons or buckles.

All these elements visually shorten their growth because of their size, because against the background of a large decor we look even smaller.

Any woman chooses a handbag as an accessory to the dress. This decorative element also has its own requirements. Small ladies prefer small shoulder bags. A large “bag” will play a cruel joke with growth and image in general.

Dress color

Without a doubt, a monochromatic thing will suit a short girl. With the right cut, it will not create any unpleasant surprises, will not spoil the proportions of the figure and will not reduce growth.

As for the specific color, it all depends on the color type of the woman. A small black dress will add femininity and elegance, red or burgundy - sexuality and passion, and pastel - innocence and tenderness.

Fashion designers, however, use several colors in collections of clothes for low. Naturally, this is not forbidden, but you should be careful with contrasting colors . For example, the color-block, fashionable in recent years, may disadvantageously divide the figure and shorten the silhouette. In this regard, it is better to choose horizontal rather than vertical color inserts.


It is difficult to have only plain clothes in your wardrobe. I always want to dilute it with a dress with an interesting print. This can be done and even necessary, the main thing is to follow the following rules:

  • if the strip, then only vertical;
  • if a floral print, peas, cage or other drawings, then small.

Models that visually make higher

There are certain styles or cut elements that outwardly make a girl a few centimeters taller. For example:

  1. a tight-fitting, A-shaped dress, a “case” and an option to the knee stretches the silhouette;
  2. high or normal waist. The low waist remained far in the last century. Now she automatically shortens the legs of her owner and makes the figure disproportionate;
  3. A V-neckline extends the neck.

Correction of the growth of different types of figures with the help of a dress

Each of us is individual, everyone has different figures. Each of them can be corrected with just the right dress:

  • for a pear-shaped figure, visually increase the top. For example, to the waist on the product there may be horizontal stripes, and the bottom should be tight and to the knee;
  • "hourglass". Low ladies with such forms are very lucky: they can wear almost any dress. Any accent on the waist is ideal (for example, a not-so-thick strap), a V-neck and a sheath dress;
  • "Inverted triangle." To adjust the narrow hips and balance the silhouette will help the skirt in the form of a "bell, " tulip. Do not forget - no voluminous top ;
  • "an Apple". Avoid the mini carefully. Give preference to the length of the midi or maxi . Attention from the abdomen will help distract the V-neck;
  • a rectangular type of shape requires visual extension of the hips (for example, using an A-silhouette). Discard excessively tight models and do not emphasize the waist with a strap.