Models of dresses to the floor

Maxi dresses are trending today. In the season 2018-2019, women can choose not only from evening dresses, but also casual models of dresses to the floor. Products on the floor will help you feel like a real queen at any holiday or look elegant in everyday life.

Fashionable news 2018-2019 dresses in the floor

Designers around the world are working tirelessly to create new models of maxi-length dresses. These are evening and everyday models that differ in the type of cut, pattern, texture of the fabric, the presence or absence of a sleeve, and other features.

In the season 2018-2019, various prints and unusual details are still popular, but fashion designers are also developing classic models:

  • classic straight dress on the floor (monochrome shades of black, beige or brown are preferred; such a dress will emphasize elegance and an impeccable sense of style of the owner of a fashionable wardrobe);
  • a product that combines two colors (the trend of the current season is multi-colored dresses, which originally combine two contrasting shades, for example, black and yellow, gray and deep purple);
  • “Geometry and graphics” (nowadays things decorated with various decorative inserts and patterns are in fashion, the latest fashion trends dictate the use of geometrical and graphic patterns, openwork inserts or appliqués).

Important! You need to choose a dress and a shade of the product in accordance with your own appearance, type of figure, color type, features of the season and other characteristics.

In the classical sense, a dress on the floor is usually worn at evening outings or special occasions. Modern fashion trends completely erase this clear line. Many designers propose using floor dresses for everyday outfits. And this is a great opportunity for many girls to look feminine and attractive, successfully hiding some of the flaws of the figure.

Long dresses on the floor: a relic or a current trend?

About a hundred years ago, all women wore long dresses and skirts, this was considered the norm. But with the advent of sexual revolution and equality, women's outfits became shorter until they came to extreme mini. Today, the fashion for long dresses on the floor is back again.

Maxi-length is no longer solely the prerogative of evening or formal dresses. Although the wedding outfit of the bride in most cases, it is still chosen exactly such a cut. Designers offer a huge number of simple and concise dresses for every day.

Their main differences from the evening:

  • simplicity of cut;
  • lack of a large number of decorative elements;
  • brevity;
  • lightweight and comfortable materials;
  • discreet colors, calmly perceived by others;
  • lack of aggressive prints.

Important! When choosing a dress to the floor for everyday wear, you need to take into account the fact that this is a thing for relaxation, it should not be flashy.

Casual dresses can be romantic, business, simple for walking around the city or sporty. By the type of silhouette, straight and fitted can be distinguished. They are well suited to women with different types of shapes and well hide small body imperfections.