Models of boho dresses

In the article you will learn the features of boho dresses, from what materials they are sewn and varieties of models. Get practical tips for creating a stylish look, which accessories to complement the bow.

Distinctive features of boho dresses

Boho dresses are created for creative, romantic and extraordinary women. The original cut is eye-catching.

Distinctive features:

  • loose fit;

  • layering;
  • flared sleeves or in the form of "flashlights";
  • decorated with floral and ethnic patterns;
  • fringe is present;
  • sewn from light fabrics without decor;
  • complemented by frills, folds, shuttlecocks.

Boho looks feminine, a little sloppy, simple and spectacular.

IMPORTANT! Boho is not suitable for an official style.

What materials are used for boho dresses

The outfit is sewn mainly from natural materials.

Suitable material for boho:

  1. Flax is a natural, lightweight material that looks easy and simple. Usually decorated with various embroidery.
  2. Staple - light, breathable, resistant to fading in the sun. It is usually decorated with hole embroidery.
  3. Jeans - decorated with metal buttons or colored embroidery.
  4. Cotton is a natural material that dyes well. It has good breathability.
  5. Knitwear - rarely used for such dresses. Bright embroidery looks good on it.
  6. Guipure - more often used as inserts, but can also be completely lace. A large pattern will make the dress transparent.
  7. Silk is a natural material that does not tolerate embroidery and various decorated inserts. It is decorated with a colorful pattern, but it can also be monophonic.

For decoration use lace, fringe, appliques and beads.

Varieties of models of dresses in the style of boho

Boho is suitable for absolutely all women of any age and complexion. There are models for everyday wear and for special occasions, of different lengths and styles.

Light boho dresses

Everyday models can be chosen of any length, completely plain with embroidery or with a colorful skirt. They are comfortable and comfortable to wear, do not constrain movement. A good option for walking on a hot summer day.

Models for publication: for evening attire, choose a maxi length made of silk or completely from guipure. Such options look gorgeous, you will be in the spotlight. The evening version can be decorated with fringe or beads. Do not forget about accessories.

Wedding models: the difference from a traditional wedding dress is the lack of a corset. In it you will be comfortable throughout the day. The image will be light and delicate.

IMPORTANT! Do not overload the image with bulky accessories.

Large models: boho is a real find for girls of pleasant fullness. They will hide the flaws of the figure and add femininity to the image, while emphasizing the exquisite taste. To do this, choose a flared model with a high waist.

Models for mature women need to choose from light flowing materials. Suitable options in the form of a trapezoid, A-silhouette and asymmetric styles of medium or maxi-length.

IMPORTANT! For women aged, too short versions of models with a deep neckline will not work.

Boho Warm Dresses

For warm dresses, materials are suitable:

  • thick linen;

  • thick cotton;
  • wool;
  • thin velor;
  • velvet;
  • leather;
  • suede.

Warm model options:

  • lined dress;

  • kimono;
  • long, with sleeves;
  • balloon dress;
  • knitted patterns.

IMPORTANT! Warm models can be supplemented with a scarf and a cape.

How to complement a boho dress

For a complete completed image, additional details are needed in the form of accessories. Boho style loves everything natural and extraordinary, so choose accessories made from natural materials and massive.


  • bracelets made of wood, beads or plastic;
  • jewelry with natural stone;
  • wooden beads;
  • pendants made of beads and large beads;
  • massive pendants;
  • large earrings (rings, tassels, etc.).

Shoes can be with heels and without them. The main thing is that she fit the general style.


  • Roman sandals;

  • lightweight woven sandals with a flat sole;
  • gladiator sandals
  • open sandals with a small heel;
  • shoes
  • leather or suede ankle boots.

Choose a large and custom size handbag, decorated with various elements (fringe, beads, beads, lacing). Boho dresses can be complemented with a wide leather or suede belt.

IMPORTANT! Printed models do not need bright accessories.

Warm models can be supplemented with a neck scarf or scarf. Wear a suede or denim vest, as well as a knit sweater or cardigan from above.

Summer models can be worn with a wide-brimmed hat and glasses.