Mistakes when buying a suitcase: how not to be disappointed in the trip

Summer, travel, suitcase ... Of the three components, you do not need to choose only summer, but with a trip and a suitcase, everything is not so simple. Suppose that the route has already been determined, the wardrobe is selected, it remains to solve the difficult problem: where to put things. In principle, everyone knows the answer to this question: into a suitcase. And here torment begins - to buy big or small? Made of fabric or plastic? With integrated or removable wheels? What color? .. And many more other questions that should be considered before visiting the store.

It might seem that the best way out is to buy an expensive thing, because "you don’t take that kind of money for nothing." But there it was: a beautiful leather classic suitcase may well lose its external presentability after several days of operation.

The well-known folk wisdom says "what does not start well does not end well." This fully applies to luggage storage. How many disappointments can carry hand luggage, which is inconvenient to carry! Therefore, we prepare for the purchase in advance!

The main approaches to choosing a suitcase

No matter how I would like to purchase a universal bag, nothing will work. Be sure to consider several conditions:

  • what type of transport is planned to move;
  • what is the duration of the trip;
  • how many things need to be packed;
  • Is there a need to transport fragile items.

If you carefully consider the given conditions, then you can draw several conclusions that will help to avoid mistakes.

How transport affects your choices

The mode of transportation may be important when choosing a suitcase.

On a plane

For air travel it is better to choose a model from polymeric materials . Nothing will happen to the plastic, even if it falls several times when loaded into the luggage compartment.

In addition, items requiring delicate handling in a hard case will be less vulnerable to external mechanical influences.

Attention! For an airplane, the size and weight of a bag is important. You can take a small one with you on board, and the “advantage” is expensive.

By train or bus

A trip by train or bus is usually longer. Therefore, it is important to have quick access to some personal items. Such access is excellently provided by external pockets on a fabric model .

The undoubted advantage of a fabric suitcase is its “ extensibility ”. It will include more things than its plastic counterpart of a similar size.


Not the last role in the choice is the price.

  • An expensive branded product may turn out to be no better than an analogue of the average price category .
  • True, very cheap are not in vain worth so little. Their service life is short, sometimes within the same trip.

We choose without errors!

Now a little more details about the errors when choosing a suitcase.

Giant sizes - to the side!

The most common mistake is to buy a “king size” model, in which absolutely everything fits.

Literally at the exit from the house, it turns out that it is very difficult to bear such a burden. And the bulky luggage has nowhere to put on the train.

Why is material important?

Another mistake: wrong material selected. The choice is related to the way of travel.

For clothes and household trifles, a fabric or leather case fits perfectly, but fragile souvenirs cannot be carried in them.

If you intentionally or accidentally put a load on such a suitcase, sit down, drop it - it will flatten, and everything that beats will turn into garbage. If there are such things in the luggage, we buy a plastic model.

Check the zippers, add the locks

Third mistake: locks, pockets and zippers. The combination or padlock must be present on the luggage that is handed over to the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

Help Thieves do not like to mess with locks due to time limitations.

Lightning, although not a way to protect against petty thieves, should be reliable . Their purpose: to close the main compartment and pockets, the presence of which allows the owner not to take extra bags.

In the pockets most often placed combs, hygiene items, medicines, water. Zippers “like on a skirt” quickly break, little things fall out of pockets, for which you urgently have to look for an extra bag. No need for comments and the appearance of a case with holes in pockets.

Important! According to statistics, lightnings fail most often on pockets.

The most reliable are considered "snakes" with wide teeth.

Counting wheels

“There are never too many wheels” is another mistake.

  • Four wheels are ideal for moving around city streets .
  • The two-wheeled model is designed specifically for transportation along the “heavy track profile ”: lanes, potholes, sands.

Additional signs of a good suitcase

As a theater begins with a hanger, so any trip begins with a suitcase. The right suitcase is not only the beginning of the trip, but also its excitingly joyful anticipation.

How not to let this joy disappear? Once again meticulously inspect those models that are selected according to the main criteria: capacity, material, convenience. But it turns out there are smaller, but no less important signs of a good suitcase . Here they should be paid attention before making the final choice.

Three pens

You can still find suitcases with a single handle on sale. They are made of good leather, equipped with overhead corners - in general, these are quite worthy companions of some mafioso from an old Italian film.

You can buy one, of course. Rather, it is a status thing, not very convenient by modern standards.

Important! Three handles provide true convenience. One regular side, one on top and a third - retractable, for transporting a suitcase on wheels.


Another sign of convenience is the presence of internal space dividers . It’s easier to find the right thing and maintain order.

External pockets

Sometimes it seems that numerous external pockets are very beneficial. After all, they are a kind of organizer for the most popular things .

This is so, but not always.

Important! The more stuffed pockets, the more awkward the suitcase becomes.

It becomes uncomfortable to carry, as it strives to cling to all the protrusions and corners.


Color matters too! Want to feel like a comedy hero with messed up luggage? Then go ahead - behind a simple black suitcase!

However, keep in mind: colorful suitcases with colored stickers and stickers are less likely to be lost .

Help : Vivid models are noticeable on the transport tape, and the chances of meeting a “double” are almost zero.

Do not forget about the photo from the trip: the suitcase will be considered no less meticulously than the tan of its owner.

Is anyone willing to admit that because of the wrong suitcase it would be embarrassing to post unforgettable travel moments on the net?