Men's suit jacket length

The jacket is the basic thing in the wardrobe of a modern man. It allows its owner to show his own personality, to demonstrate the position in society and a sense of style. But only if it is ideally suited both in size and in length.

You can look very messy and messy if the item sits well on the chest, but the sleeves touch your fingers.

Therefore, when choosing a suit, do not ignore such an important parameter as the length of the jacket .

Label length designation on the label

Most manufacturers offer jackets and suits of the same styles and dimension lines. Among themselves, they most often differ in length.

Typically, such labels are indicated on the label:

  • S (Short) - for short men;
  • R (Regular) - for average growth;
  • L (Long) - for tall guys and men.

However, do not flatter yourself about this grouping of goods. So, despite the supposedly universal size, manufacturing companies are developing completely different styles of clothing.

In this market segment developed a lot of competition, especially among design firms. A large number of employees work on the production of collections. Therefore, things with the same labels on the labels will actually be different . To understand whether a thing is suitable for a person, and to determine the degree of comfort in it is possible only by trying it on.

HELP ! In standard classic models, the length is usually indicated after the second number in the form of a letter.

So, 46 ​​/ 7R means that a thing 46 is presented in size along the length of Regular. This applies to representatives of the stronger sex of medium height. The number 7 shows the difference between the chest volume of the jacket and the waist of the pants . Indications are in inches, but in US sizes. So, the 46th size in the American clothing market is called 36. People of high stature can not take a thing for fitting if the label says S. And representatives of short stature can not take L.

How to choose the right jacket length

In the vast majority of cases, the length depends on the preferred suit model. The final choice of the consumer is determined by his personal taste preferences. Methods for measuring the length of a men's business jacket apply only to models of a classic cut.

In any other cases, it always depends on the style of the selected product.

Length requirements

There are the following interesting techniques for checking the correct length of the product.

  • According to the rule, for the selection of classic clothing options, the product slots should completely cover the buttocks or be shorter by a couple of centimeters . Following the basic recommendations, the product should touch the middle of the palm, lowered parallel to the body of a person’s hand during fitting. According to the recommendations, the buttocks should be as covered as possible . Human feet, on the contrary, should be open.
  • Compliance with the proportions of the physique . For example, high customers can choose the usual version of a jacket.

TIP . The universal length of the product is calculated by the formula: the lower edge bisects the distance from the gate to the surface of the room.

In this case, the sleeve of the product should fall off freely, without forming flaws in the form of folds and other roughnesses of the material .

Ways to check the harmony of the created image

The correct choice of the length of the product allows you to emphasize the advantages and hide imperfections of the human body.

  • A shortened jacket is able to visually add a person’s height by visually lengthening his legs, making a man visually lengthening them.
  • A long product, on the contrary, will make the legs of a short man even shorter .

Therefore, an important recommendation is the visual observance of the proportions of the human body.

ATTENTION! The situation is considered ideal when the lower edge of the clothing visually divides the distance from the floor to the neck of the person into two approximately identical parts.

The thing looks perfect when the cuff of the shirt sticking out of the sleeve is on the background of the jacket, with the hand down . In this case, a small space should remain.

The bottom of the shirt cuff should be slightly higher than the bottom . The size of this space may vary and depends on the length of the arms.

The presence of a large number of brands and stores makes it easy to choose a model to taste. We hope that using the recommendations from this article, choosing the right clothes will become much easier and more enjoyable.