Men's fashion that repels

What is allowed on the podium is not always appropriate in life. This also applies to men's fashion. Fortunately, most men rarely suffer from a passion for designer refinement. And still discouraging things happen!

Unpleasant male trends

Whether under the influence of screen images, under the influence of grief fashion designers, sometimes men look like their companions find themselves in the position of the wife of the hero of Moliere’s “tradesman in the nobility”: Mr. Jourdain the rogue tailor ostensibly dressed in the latest court fashion, and Mrs. Jourdain was afraid to let go of the dressed how scarecrow her husband into the city!

Breast demonstration

This custom of recent months has returned from oblivion along with fashion for a t-shirt tucked into jeans - sometimes its V-neck is too deep. A similar effect is observed in both an alcoholic T-shirt and a shirt that has been unbuttoned almost to the navel.

Of course, without the influence of Hollywood and the orientation on the handsome men from Playboy, it could not do. But the question is: imitating the heroes of the screen, do men take an example from them in their ability to look after themselves ? Another, overly fond of beer, regional Casanova does not seem to notice that a bra for a teenage girl, or even an adult lady, will soon be suitable for his chest! The hollow chest does not look any better. It happens that all this is still covered with dense thickets - the sight is clearly an amateur!

However, the owner of a muscular torso should be temperate in an excessive desire to strip it - such a defiant demonstration is more likely to repel than attract.

Huge groomed beard

Recently, Peter the Great has been often recalled, and not in connection with a hacked window to Europe, but in connection with his custom, with his own ax, to cut beards with an ax to those who continued to wear them contrary to the decree. Too many "intruders" divorced!

Growing up the “beauty” on the face, many pseudo-fashion designers completely forget: hair, wherever it grows, needs care ! Bottom line - like a washcloth "a la cab" sticks out in all directions, sometimes contrary to the laws of symmetry. Worse than this, only a liquid beard that turns a man's face into ... a goat face!

Interesting! Psychiatrists still consider a beard and long hair to be one of the signs of a disorder like schizophrenia.

A lot of "torn" elements in the image

On the street there are “specimens”, the holes and tattered edges of the clothes of which are visible everywhere:

  • on the knees and elbows;
  • on cuffs and gates;
  • on collars and pockets.

Sometimes a suspicion creeps in: isn't the global economic crisis the reason for the flaw that returned from the 80s? However, the price of supposedly battered things is dissuading this. And only reinforces bewilderment about the appearance of a ragged man with protruding knees, blue from the cold. In addition, hairy and skinny.

Men's jacket coat

This outfit is associated with the image of a pimp, and yet there are those who want to try it on. When a rock star does this, it does not cause surprise: shocking is the eternal companion of show business. A mere mortal (even able to pay a beaver jacket or a jacket from a llama) looks rather ridiculous in such an outfit.

Advice! No strength to part with real fur? Limit yourself to a fluffy collar on an elongated sheepskin-lined jacket.

Jacket and shorts

Important! A similar gross violation of business style is a tie worn with a shirt with a shortened sleeve.

This combination resembles the situation "I’ll go either to work or to the beach." Perhaps this is how the summer business suit for men was conceived, but it is extremely difficult to imagine an office where such a dress code would have taken root. If you still managed to flatter on such an ensemble, it is better to break it down by belonging to different styles:

  • pick up similar trousers for a jacket;
  • to shorts - a T-shirt or a polo shirt worn worn out.

Oversized things

Jackets and jackets seem to be three sizes larger than necessary, trousers that give the impression of falling down ... Baggy is not suitable for anyone, and a man dressed as a teenager from the Bosyak quarter, where things were transferred from the oldest to the youngest, can at best cause a desire to regret-feed . If this was not the specific goal of a kind of "masquerade", it is better to shake things and leave only that in size.

Too short shorts

What is beautiful on the young ladies (by the way, who are already used to depilating their legs) does not suit their companions at all - it feels like someone has jumped out on the streets in family shorts, especially if the coloring is “funny”. In addition, if most ladies nevertheless take into account the peculiarities of the figure and do not seek to demonstrate unsuccessful legs, then this does not seem to concern men: skinny, short and frankly curved legs are displayed for show!

Pink or lilac things

The guy in the clothes of the flowers of the first-grader girl may perhaps cause emotion from someone. Most girls simply will not appreciate it!

Interesting! A fashion for similar colors existed before - in the pink suit the Fitzgerald Gatsby flaunted. True, those around him evaluated it approximately as in the 90s notorious raspberry-colored jacket.

Elastic jeans

Skinny jeans fashion has been extended to men before. But narrow - does not mean skinny. Once the leggings were part of the men's wardrobe (they were worn, for example, in the era of Napoleon, and Napoleon himself), but these times have passed.

A lot of jewelry

A bunch of bracelets rattling on a wrist, fingers, humbled by rings, a massive chain, evoking memories of “that oak” - either a young man, or a Christmas tree! This has nothing to do with masculinity. And the taste in this is not enough!

By the way! Massive catchy belt buckles are not in fashion today either.

Tin on the catwalk: trends that are unlikely to come out “in people”

Sometimes designers are brought to where they lose touch with reality. The demonstration of other collections resembles the situation with the circus, which left, having forgotten its clowns .

A mannequin walks along the catwalk in a white T-shirt sticking out of a black sweater according to the principle “from Friday Friday” and in pink shorts. But the highlight is not in them: on the neck dangles something resembling a green-colored bra from a swimsuit with ties, and a kind of pareo flutters around the hips.

The other, muscular and bearded, proudly defiles in blue-and-blue leggings, a multi-colored striped jacket, and his head is crowned with a pink helmet, the shape of which is clearly borrowed from the outfit of the Wehrmacht soldiers.

The third was dressed up in a skirt of burlap with a ragged cut, a sweater resembling a wardrobe of asocial elements and platform sandals. The ensemble complements the likeness of a hat that resembles a stork’s nest - and look, a bird will fly out!