Men's bras - myth or reality?

The other day, flipping through endless news feeds on social networks, I accidentally stumbled upon an advertisement for a male bra. The first reaction is laughter and bewilderment. Well, really, why do men need this miracle of women's wardrobe? What should they hide in it? And then I thought. If someone created such men's underwear, then there is a demand for him . I am a curious young lady, so I began to study the Internet in search of information on the topic. And the results of my research turned out to be quite interesting.

By the way! The term “bra” is exclusively female, therefore we will call the described wardrobe item simply a bra.

What is this miracle of Japanese thought?

As it turned out, we owe the appearance of a male bra to the Japanese . In general, the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun are famous for their strange and sometimes ridiculous inventions. A facial expander, armpit scrub, wasabi lip balm and beetle earrings are just a fraction of the hundreds of items incomprehensible to Europeans that can be found on shelves in Japanese stores. Many of them are not in demand, which cannot be said about unusual men's underwear.

For the first time , Kahei Oyasumi Bra, the author of the first bra for men, was challenged by conservatives. And she did not lose, because on the first day of receipt of the goods in the Wishroom online store, more than 300 people wished to become owners of an unusual novelty.

What is such a wardrobe item for the strong half of humanity? Visually, it is not much different from women's sports bras, but it does not have push-ups, bones and other devices for breast correction . Regardless of the model, the size of men's underwear will always be zero, because this item, although outwardly similar to that of women, was created for slightly different purposes.

Why would a man wear it?

Defending the right to exist of their invention, the creators of unusual lingerie claim that in the near future such bras will completely migrate into a men's wardrobe, since wearing a bra in the female half provokes breast cancer. Of course, I strongly doubt that ladies are capable of massively abandoning their female weapons - beautiful underwear, but I fully admit the idea that men will flaunt it in our midst.

In fact, such a bra can be a salvation for many men . For example, for athletes who often complain that during long exercises a synthetic T-shirt rubs against the nipples, causing a lot of inconvenience. According to the creators, wearing special underwear will help eliminate the problem and prevent sagging of the developed pectoral muscles in the future.

A men's bra will also help those who are overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle . Alas, the lack of regular physical activity negatively affects the man’s body - his stomach grows, his muscles weaken, and his chest increases due to subcutaneous fat and sags. Wearing linen will help visually hide the imperfections and avoid the development of complexes in the strong half.

But most of all , people suffering from gynecomastia will be glad to see such an innovation in the wardrobe. It is psychologically difficult for a man of traditional orientation to survive the appearance of a female breast in him, which can grow up to 2-3 sizes. Of course, surgical intervention can eliminate the defect, but not everyone is ready for such radical measures. Therefore, wearing a bra bandage will be a good alternative: the chest will not stand out under clothes, physical and psychological discomfort will disappear.

Reference! Gynecomastia - an increase in the mammary glands in men due to glandular tissue hypertrophy.

Leave vulgarity

I admit, I reconsidered my attitude to the male bra. Yes, of course, the subject is unusual and unusual, but still it is not worth treating it as something ridiculous and perverse. Indeed, in this case we are not talking about a man’s attempt to feel like a woman, dressing up in lace knickers and corsets.

A male bra is a completely functional thing, created taking into account the physiology of representatives of the strong half of humanity . So, it seems to me, you need to relate to him, as to any other piece of clothing. Are we women, too, scolding men for trying to transfer bras to the unisex section? After all, we borrowed much more things in their wardrobe!