Men's belt size table

In the male image, compared to the female, the entire wardrobe is based on a classic trend. Go beyond this style to be careful. Accessories such as watches, cufflinks, a tie, a belt emphasize individuality, so their choice should be justified and harmonious.

Belt Size Chart for Men

First you need to understand what is called size. The size of the belt is considered to be the distance from the buckle to the end . Stock or spare language is not included in the size.

The length is the same as the size. For example, if the length is 105 cm, then the size is also 105. The waist circumference may be several units different from the length of the belt. What size is right for you, it is better to look in the table, which shows the length of the waist, belt, international clothing size. On it you can find the parameters of a man and see the corresponding length of the strap.

How to determine the size of the men's belt?

In the USA, the size is calculated in inches and is equal to the size of jeans. Europe does not do that. European countries are looking at the waist. How to determine the size?

Three tips:

  1. Find out the size of the trousers, and add a couple of centimeters to it.
  2. When the belt is fastened, the tail of the belt should not be longer than the first loops, then the product suits you.
  3. They often fasten the belt to 2 or 3 holes. The remaining holes are taken in a bad tone.

And you can do more practical:

To choose the right size, take an old belt on which there are already scuffs and creases. From these creases, you can find out what hole the owner fastens the belt by applying a tape measure to the beginning of the buckle, and stretching it to the desired crease.


Experienced dressmakers use this technique: they take a meter, wearer's trousers are placed on a flat surface, measure the width of the belt. The result should be increased by 2 times.

By size of clothes

The size of jeans is different from the size of trousers. Therefore, there may be small errors of 3 cm up and down, but this is not scary.

The length of the spare tongue should not be more than 15 cm. This is unacceptable!

How to choose a belt in the store?

Any belt includes a buckle. Mainly for the material used artificial or genuine leather. By the color scheme, many choose black, brown specimens. For everyday wear, you can choose beige, blue, gray, white tones.

The width of the belts is usually about 4 - 4.5 cm. The accessory less than 4 cm is perfect for jeans and trousers made of thick fabric. Wide models can be worn with trousers and jeans.

If you have chosen a belt, and it is small, then you do not need to make a hole in it yourself. It will be noticeable. It’s better to take it to a workshop or pick up an authentic product.

When choosing a belt, try bending it. If the skin is cracking, do not take. Pay attention to the stitches, they should be even and without extra thread. Do not strive to take a designer thing, the main thing is quality.

Does it make sense to buy a long belt?

Answering the question of buying or not, we can definitely answer “no” . Firstly, it will look messy. Secondly, a long accessory will constantly hurt, interfere, in general, cause inconvenience. As a result, it’s easier to buy a belt in size.

A man’s belt is a good present for a husband, brother, and indeed a man. A belt is an indispensable thing for a man’s wardrobe, regardless of the preferred style.