Men who like to wear women's clothing

I have often come across the fact that LGBT people are criticized by the LGBT people themselves because they allegedly misrepresent the interests of this community. Like, in order to fight discrimination, you need to be a little better than everyone else. And especially those who are encrypted under the letter "T" in the abbreviation are especially often attacked. Let's try to understand this issue, remembering transvestites and transgender people, popular in Russia and abroad.

Famous Shemales

Of course, to name them all, one article is not enough, so I will limit myself to only four prominent representatives.

Verka Serdiuchka

Actor Andrei Danilko uses the image of Serdyuchka exclusively for the stage, without mixing it with life. You can resent as much as you like that he makes fun of transvestites, but firstly, the famous "guide" gained its popularity in the 90s, when they did not hear about the trans-movement in Russia. Well, when it came to us, Serdyuchka was no longer at the peak of popularity. Well, and secondly, the image of Danilko is not satirical, he does not make fun of anyone concrete, he is just fooling around, raising the mood for himself and others. Serduchka never emphasized that she was a man in disguise, and that’s why she became popular not at all. If Verka really was a woman, nothing would have changed.

Alexander Shpak

Here is another case - he does not pretend to be someone else, but simply creates for himself such an appearance with which he is comfortable, and it is difficult to call him a transvestite: you never know male celebrities use cosmetics, manicures and resort to plastic surgeries, without changing the image on the female? You could accuse him of experimenting on the body only for the sake of fame, discrediting those who do it just for themselves, but Google answers me that Alexander began to paint long before he became famous, and becoming famous, he simply turned it to his advantage.

Bruce jenner

Shemale Bruce Jenner, a member of the famous Kardashian family, with his transformation into Caitlin caused a huge stir around the world. But most importantly - this was followed by a reaction from the family, which accepted and supported him, showing a positive example to those who might encounter this. And if we return to our topic, it is important that in order to get the support of his family, he did not have to additionally build himself a positive image and pretend to be who he is not. He shows by his example ^ if they really love you, they will always love you, no matter what gender you are.

Andrey Pezhich

After the famous model Andrei Pezhich underwent a sex change operation (changing his name to Andrea), many predicted a decline in his career, citing the fact that he became popular precisely as a man who looked like a woman, but simply beautiful women in the modeling business and so full. However, in spite of gossip, the model continues its successful work and is not going to stop there.

Interesting! The debut of Adrea Pejic took place in the Giles Deacon show under the Giles brand.

Psychiatry minute

In order to avoid confusion, I will do a small medical excursion. Many do not distinguish transvestites from transgender people. In simple terms, the former do not deny their gender and live comfortably with it, but for one reason or another they like to wear clothing and other attributes of the opposite sex. Someone does it for the stage, someone just in life, and someone - as entertainment at home. The second - people who do not feel themselves in the gender in which they were born, and their suffering can be corrected only by a sex change operation.

For a long time, transsexuality was considered a mental illness, but relatively recently it has been removed from the list of diseases, since after changing sex the psyche of transsexuals is no different from the psyche of all other people. Transvestism is considered a mental deviation only if a person is able to receive sexual pleasure only if he has the attributes of the opposite sex (in some cases, such people do not even need a partner). If the transvestite is able to enjoy sex without changing clothes, then everything is in order with his psyche.

As a conclusion, I’ll say that, in my opinion, it’s not so important how trances in show business are positioning themselves. Most importantly: they show that they exist, that they are different - bad and good, like all people.