Medical socks what is it

Blood supply problems are becoming more common among middle-aged and older people with diabetes and obesity. To correct and prevent difficulties of this kind, medical socks are recommended.


ATTENTION! The main feature of these products is the absence of a characteristic gum, which does not allow the product to slide down, contributing to proper blood circulation and an even distribution of pressure on the feet. In addition, they provide a massage effect.

What is the difference between medical socks and ordinary ones:

  • high tensile strength without loss of elasticity;
  • hypoallergenic due to antibacterial properties;
  • soft material that provides passive prophylaxis of the diabetic foot;
  • providing ventilation by regulating the temperature of the stop.

And medical socks made of bamboo also have a pleasant shine, donated by nature itself.

When are they worn?

When there is a need for medical socks:

  1. During pregnancy, the female body changes. Especially often swelling of the legs, and similar products can solve this problem.
  2. Suffering from diabetes, regardless of the stage of the disease, the specific products of the hosiery industry help reduce the load on the legs when walking and relieve pain.
  3. To protect your legs from cramps and characteristic tingling in the calves, you need to wear medical socks with silver threads. Their special weave provides a reliable girth of the foot over the entire surface of the touch to the body.
  4. People who are forced to fly frequently on airplanes experience pain in the leg muscles due to a violation of the natural biorhythm. To protect yourself from the appearance of puffiness, it is worth purchasing medical socks.
  5. In the period of post-traumatic syndrome associated with a sprain or fracture of the ankle joint (which most often happens with athletes and travelers), medical socks with a compression effect should be used.
  6. These products are also shown to service workers, who often forget to take care of their own health. The need for a long time to be in a standing position negatively affects one's well-being. Medical socks provide maximum comfort and preventive effect.

IMPORTANT! These products resemble ordinary socks, so even a shy person who does not want to share personal details with others can relax. The main advantage of this product is that the legs will not get tired at the wrong time and this will not cause inconvenience.

Is it possible to wear just like that

Of course, these products of the hosiery industry can be worn just like that, for preventive purposes. Someone is in constant motion, while someone on the contrary is forced to spend most of the day in a sitting position. In both cases, the legs experience a significant load, which sooner or later adversely affects their health.

In addition, often due to the wrong shoes chosen, the feet sweat a lot, because of which bacteria accumulate and subsequently there is a nail fungus. Medical socks will help to cope with this situation, normalize the outflow of blood and prevent the appearance of varicose veins, especially for those who are overweight. And special seamless products will not allow the formation of corns.