Maternity Dress Pattern

During pregnancy, many women want to dress stylishly and beautifully. In addition, clothing should be comfortable and practical. Unfortunately, finding the desired item in stores can be quite problematic. Patterns and recommendations for sewing clothes for pregnant women come to the rescue.

Which dress is best for

Traditionally, women try to hide a rounded tummy. However, there are girls who, on the contrary, want to emphasize their interesting position and choose shorter and tight things. Pregnant women should choose dresses that are primarily comfortable and not constraining movements. It should be understood that the tummy will grow rapidly. Therefore, it is better to choose such a dress style that it is possible to wear it all months of an interesting position.

ATTENTION! Working women pick up comfortable clothes for the whole day. So, a sundress-trapeze is especially popular. They can be worn both with warm turtlenecks and with light blouses, as well as without them.

What fabric to choose for sewing dresses for pregnant women

When choosing materials for tailoring, attention should be paid to the structure of the fabric, as well as its flowability. It is recommended to use well-stretched fabrics. They will help ensure a good fit. Knit or cotton knitwear and other natural fabrics are popular.

Patterns of dresses for pregnant women: an overview of options

Most models for sewing are not particularly difficult. They have only five to six straight seams, and as additional parts only pockets. You can find many examples and recommendations for the manufacture of dresses for pregnant women even without building patterns. Outfits for girls in an interesting position are divided into the following types:

  • high waist;
  • case;
  • sundress;
  • hipster;
  • in the shape of a bag;
  • trapezoidal shape.

IMPORTANT! High-waisted models are especially popular. These include dresses with a smell, tunics, Greek dresses, as well as products with a detachable bodice.

How to sew a dress for a pregnant woman with your own hands

To begin with, you should choose the appropriate model of the outfit and build a competent drawing, having worked out all the nuances in advance. Patterns are easy to find on the Internet, as well as in subject magazines. There are styles for which you do not have to build a pattern at all. These options include a dress in the Greek style, which is a piece of cloth and a belt.

So, it is convenient to draw a pattern on clothes already existing in the wardrobe. To do this, take any sweater or turtleneck and circle it on tracing paper. They make the length of their choice. At will, you can draw sleeves. The pattern is cut out and outlined with a piece of soap on the fabric.

We are building a dress pattern

Consider the process of designing one of the most fashionable sleeveless dresses with an elongated back. The main measurement will be chest girth and product length. A pattern for pregnant women is much more convenient to build on the basic classical model. It is only necessary to make some changes. Strictly follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to transfer the tuck to the waist. For this, it must be closed on the chest.
  2. Flare skirts should be increased by 5-6 cm or more.
  3. Add about 7 cm to the front of the front.
  4. In addition to the base, we draw a triangular insert with a length equal to the distance from the lower point of the neck to the end of the product. The width of the triangle should be 30 cm. This part should have a slight rounding down.
  5. The back of the pattern should be extended from the edge to the center by 10 cm and also rounded.
  6. Next, a line is drawn in the drawing and a part of the back is cut along it, setting aside a fold of about 6 cm.
  7. Next, you should measure the edges to process the seizure of the sleeves and the neck from the back.
  8. Then we measure and draw in the natural size the elements of the front, back, front insert, as well as the grinding of the armhole for the hands and the neck for the back and front.

Following this principle, you can convert almost any pattern into a pattern of dresses for pregnant women.

REFERENCE! When cutting, it is necessary to add an additional 1.5 cm for processing the seams, as well as 2 cm for hemming the bottom.

Tailoring dresses

Consider the process of tailoring a dress with an insert. Follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. We grind together the front elements and the insert. Stocks at the seams in this case must be processed.
  2. The details of the backrest should be folded.
  3. Next, we grind the shoulders and side sections of the dress.
  4. We sew a hidden zipper on the back. It is more convenient to place it in the center of the product. Sometimes it is sewn on the side. In this case, additional space must be left. First, the edges of the parts are treated with an overlock and, if desired, reinforced with an oblique inlay. With a piece of soap, make a mark where the zipper is subsequently sewn, not more than 15 cm. Next, we apply the opened zipper to the seam of the part in such a way that the teeth abut exactly on the edge of the material. Before sewing, it is necessary to check the zipper so that it opens and closes well.
  5. Next, we proceed to the processing of the armhole and neck. To do this, prepare the grinders in advance. They must be connected with the front sides and stitched on a typewriter.
  6. Next, flashing the finishing and fixing line in a couple of millimeters from the edge.
  7. Then we process the bottom of the dress. It is recommended to do an edge treatment with an overlock, and then do an edge hem. They also double bend the material.

How to decorate a dress for a pregnant

There are no fixed regulations for decorating such products. In most cases, it all depends on the imagination of the author. You can use lace ribbons, embroidery, bows, acrylic painting on fabric. These decor methods will help not only to decorate the product, but also to hide possible shortcomings.

Self-made clothes will be a worthy alternative to long shopping trips in search of the right thing or impressive amounts to buy. After all, pregnancy is not a reason to abandon the holidays, work and an interesting and diverse life.