Master class - how to sew a guipure blouse

Guipure - lace fabric, consists of individual elements interconnected by openwork weaving. Lacy details are usually made of natural fibers, the connecting threads of weaving are made of synthetics, lycra is most often used. The properties of guipure depend on the ratio of the smooth and embossed parts of the pattern elements, as well as on the percentage of lycra added.

Important! The closer the lace elements are to each other, the denser and tougher the fabric.

Italy is considered the birthplace of guipure. Fashionable women of the 16th century used expensive fabric for clothing decoration elements: collars, inserts on bodices and skirts, gloves.

Current trends have expanded the range of application of this matter. Guipure blouses emphasize femininity, perfectly combined with heterogeneous clothes: starting with strict skirts and ending with frivolous jeans. The fabric on the blouse can be used of any density, there is no need to sew a cover for it.

Workshop on sewing guipure blouses with a decorative collar

Guipure is easy to process material, so even a novice craftswoman can sew a blouse on her own.

For work you will need:

  • guipure size 60 * 150 cm;
  • scissors, pins;
  • chalk for building patterns on fabric;
  • ruler, centimeter tape;
  • threads in color;
  • sewing machine.

Attention! Before starting work, it is necessary to measure the girth of the arm and chest circumference.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Fold the fabric in half, cut along the fold line. Get two panels 60 * 75 cm in size;
  2. Fold in half again (37.5 cm - width, 60 cm - length) ;
  3. The pattern is made up of matter;
  • From the top, mark 6 cm in length — the line of the sleeve;
  • On the upper edge, put a point on the neck at a distance of 9 cm from the bend;
  • Gently connect the point of the line of the sleeve at the bend with the point of the neck;
  • From the line of the sleeve measure down half of the circumference of the arm;
  • Below, from the fold of matter, note the fourth part of the circumference of the chest;
  • Connect the resulting points in a smooth line. On the side should be a rectangle with a smoothly beveled corner;
  • Cut the fabric along the drawn contour. As a result, two identical details.
  1. On the front part, cut the neck a little deeper (1-3 cm) ;
  2. The remaining parts will not be needed
  3. Using a sewing machine, connect the pattern at the shoulder and side seams
  4. To process the bottom line, neck, sleeves and side parts left from cutting
  5. Using pins, attach the side parts to the neck in two rows at an angle, forming small folds
  6. On a sewing machine, lay a straight line along the collar attachment lines. Remove the pins.

    The blouse is ready.

Little secrets of successful sewing

  • To build a pattern, use chalk or a bar of soap. They are easily erased and leave no residue;
  • When measuring the circumference of a figure, do not forget to add 1.5–2 cm to the seams;
  • You can connect parts on an overlock or on a sewing machine with an additional overlock function;
  • Slices can be treated with satin trim. The finished product will look neat;
  • The edges of the neck, sleeves, bottom can be decorated with pre-cut guipure elements or edge festoons. Their protruding edges do not crumble and look stylish;
  • If the fabric stretches a lot, reinforce the seams with a cotton trim;
  • In order not to spoil the beautiful pattern, choose a simple blouse model with a minimum number of seams.

Video - guipure blouse lesson

A person who does not belong to the sewing world may find it difficult to navigate through the photo and instructions. A video has been prepared for you, which will show in detail all the steps of tailoring a simple blouse, reveal small nuances, and demonstrate the result.

Guipure has not gone out of fashion for several centuries, additional details and accessories are changing, and lace exists outside of time. It combines the refined style of matter and ease of processing. In a blouse sewn on your own, you will always look fashionable and catchy in the office, at an official meeting or youth party.