Marsala-colored boots with what to wear

The palette in nature is incredibly large. Each color has many branches, other shades with their own characteristics. The color of Marsala is one of the unusual, tart shades of burgundy. Learn how to use it and what to wear with, learn further.

The color of the Marsala boots

The name comes from the name of the Sicilian red wine "Marsala", produced in the city of the same name. The smell of this drink combines notes of aromas of hazelnut, bread, soil. The color of Marsala is just as tart and deep. This is a slightly muted shade of burgundy, complemented by brown. It looks very natural, as it is often found in the environment. There are several varieties of Marsala:

  • muffled (brown and burgundy in equal proportions);
  • saturated (burgundy predominates over brown);
  • dark (more saturated brown, not suppressing burgundy).

Use in clothes

He was the most popular in 2015. But now it is in demand. What is suitable? Almost everything: skirts, blouses, trouser suits, shoes, accessories. Most effective looks on leather products: jackets, tight skirts, trousers. The skin allows you to reveal it most brightly.


The color of Marsala is a complex shade, it is easy to interrupt, close it. In order for it to fit into the image, reveal its entirety, it is necessary to choose the right palette for the entire outfit.

What is combined with: black, white, gray, beige (and its varieties), golden, lilac. For muted species - blue. For the dark - dirty pink.

How to wear Marsala boots

The most beneficial combinations:

  • with trousers worn under boots, or tucked up;
  • with a skirt of strict straight cut midi length;
  • fitted coat + boots to the middle of the calf;
  • skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Combination with black

In percentage terms, one of them should be more: that way they will not compete. Based on the color of Marsala, use black for accessories, or vice versa. So in this way the image will not seem overloaded.


Favorable combination. Choose lighter shades. For jewelry - black or beige.


Body or beige is best suited - they are the balancing base for Marsala, reveal it, make it more saturated. Experiment with options: from classic to dairy, almost white. For accessories - brown, blue, gold.


Colors are related in nature, so they blend well. The main thing is not to go too far with red, otherwise it will be too variegated, aggressive. Use it as a supplement, not as a background or foundation. Suitable for accessories.


The combination looks very natural, as it is found in nature. As with red, avoid congestion. Do not overdo it with green, use it as a supplement. The most suitable shades: olive, khaki, swamp.


Options: classic, indigo, dark blue, electric. IMPORTANT observe proportions: there should be less blue.

Total look

An image consisting exclusively of clothes of the color of Marsala. One of the most successful solutions. It looks very elegant, noble. Suitable for dates, parties, walks.

Successful images

  1. Elegant total look. Fancy ankle boots, a long coat with an elegant fur collar. A bag of a slightly different shade. It looks strict, but memorable.
  2. For warmer weather. Ankle boots, a skirt below the knee made of light flowing material, tied with a thin black belt and an ordinary black t-shirt. Simple, elegant.
  3. High-heeled ankle boots with a small buckle, black skinny jeans and a light flowing shirt. For accessories, dirty pink is chosen: bag, earrings.