Male windbreaker pattern

The weather on the street became noticeably colder, but getting a winter jacket out of the closet is still too early, which means it's time to get a new windbreaker that will reliably protect from the weather and will look very beautiful on you. The assortment of stores cannot satisfy your desires, or you just want to save money and not overpay for the brand, then we will help to make such a jacket with our own hands.

Overview of models of men's windbreaker jackets

In modern fashion, there is a wide selection of models of such jackets that differ in their characteristics. Among fashionable and popular images, there are such as:

  • Classic windbreaker.
  • Sports style for training and professional sports.
  • Military style. Suitable for people who want to stand out.
  • With a narrowed waist.
  • Made from denim.

These and many other models are in great demand and are very popular with young people around the world. We will consider the classic version of such a product.

How to build a pattern of a male windbreaker

To build a pattern you will not need special skills, with our step-by-step plan you can figure it out yourself and make a blank for a future jacket. To build a pattern you will need the following tools and materials:

  • graph paper for drawing;
  • pencil and measuring tape;
  • scissors;
  • fabric to which the drawing will be transferred
  • the dimensions that you will get when taking measurements (height; girth of the chest, waist, shoulders; girth of the biceps, forearm and wrist; arm length).

You can begin to perform a schematic image of a future jacket on paper. Try to present the final result, and as you complete the work, make your adjustments to the product.

Building a pattern of a male windbreaker with a hood

In order to fully talk about how to make a pattern, we will take a model of a jacket with a hood. It is practically no different from the classic version. Here, only an additional scheme for the hood is added, which is then sewn to the main part of the jacket.

The main details that our procurement will consist of:

  1. The main part . Outwardly similar to the silhouette of a T-shirt or vest. It is necessary to make the back part whole, and the front part to be composed of two symmetrical parts, since the zipper will be sewn in front.
  2. Two sleeve details . If there is an old unnecessary jacket, then use an unfolded (open the seams along the length and disconnect from the base) sleeve as a sample.
  3. Pockets according to your preference can be made triangular, square or semicircular.
  4. The pattern under the hood is made of two symmetrical parts that are stitched together. The length is half the circumference of the goal.

How to sew a men's windbreaker with your own hands on a pattern

After you have prepared the blank for the pattern and planned the future image of your jacket, you can start sewing.

IMPORTANT! Take the material on the sleeves and the lower part with a margin. If the size is a little larger, then the windbreaker can be sutured, making the seams invisibly. If there is a shortage of material, you will have to do everything anew.

To grind parts and get a ready-made jacket-windbreaker, you will need:

  • needles of different thicknesses and threads for the sewing machine;
  • blanks for pockets;
  • tissue that must be prepared in advance;
  • elastic bands for sleeves and the bottom of the product;
  • buttons
  • zipper for the main part and pockets;
  • decor elements, prints or special patches on pockets and sleeves.

Let's start sewing! First, we sew together the front and back main parts. Then we make seams on the sleeves along the entire length, connecting the edges of each of the blanks to get the finished part. When all the elements are complete, proceed to the stitching of the jacket.

  1. Sew the sleeves around the circumference to the base. All seams should be inside.
  2. After that, grind the hood to the rear upper surface around the perimeter of the gate.
  3. Sew the front zipper.
  4. If desired, you can insert gum at the waist and cuffs into the model. To do this, cover the elastic bands of the required length with a fabric and sew it with two seams (upper and lower).

IMPORTANT! Check the quality of the elastic, it should have good tension and compression force, otherwise it will quickly lose its properties when sewing.

Please yourself and your family with a new wardrobe element that is very relevant in cool weather.