Magpies among the stars - who cannot wear jewelry

Often, celebrities, choosing outfits for events, become role models. They demonstrate the coordinated work of stylists who competently select jewelry, makeup and attire.

But no one is immune from mistakes, and stars also sometimes fall under camera lenses in unsuccessful outfits. Especially often they are mistaken in their choice, trying to shock the audience or put on all of their very best jewelry. Who are these star magpies?


The singer loves vivid images and frequent changes of hairstyles . In her career, there were various failures with the choice of dress, but the most striking was the failure at the presentation of her own toilet water. Many critics agreed that before leaving Rihanna bought a jewelry store. On her one hand were 7 bracelets, watches and rings. She complemented the image with chokers, a ruby ​​necklace, a pendant, a chain and a pearl necklace.

Paris Hilton

One of the daughters of the owner of a large hotel chain has always been distinguished by antics and scandals. Recently, a secular lioness fell out of sight, but many foreign and domestic critics remember her unsuccessful public appearances.

Paris has never been distinguished by an elegant style and sense of taste, choosing old-fashioned or overly frank outfits. She has the same problem with jewelry. For one of the releases, Paris combined in her image a headband made of rhinestones, earrings and a massive diamond necklace.

Rita Ora

The singer is not the first year on stage, but still has not formed her own taste and style. Or formed, but it causes a slight perplexity among fashion critics. For example, Rita does not like to take off her rings. But sometimes it complements them with large and expensive earrings that absolutely do not fit the image. To complete the image, the singer can mix jewelry, gold rings and silver earrings. She makes such outings quite often.

Cardy bee

All hip-hop artists try to use maximum jewelry in the image . But some in the pursuit of luxury cross the border. These include Cardi. At a party from Harper's Bazaar magazine, she combined long earrings, massive chains and a necklace with a ruffled dress. The performer sometimes picks up ridiculous and grotesque decorations that are absolutely not suitable for the event.

Salma Hayek

An actress with a bright appearance often plays passionate heroines. Probably, wanting to emphasize her eccentric image, Salma sometimes chooses ridiculous jewelry. Sometimes they cost more than a dress. On the Oscar red road, Salma chose a gently pink dress that was embroidered with diamonds and additionally decorated with a rhinestone wrap. The actress wanted to present her image as luxurious, but she looked repulsive and cheap, although the dress was clearly worth a lot of money.

Marta Hunt

The top model and one of the “angels” of the famous brand was also seen in the tasteless use of jewelry. At the CFDA Awards party, the model instead of a concise and stylish image adorned herself with rhinestones to the maximum. To do this, she used them instead of eyeliner around her eyes and supplemented with heavy earrings. Martha, apparently, wanted to be brilliant at the evening, but in the end attracted the attention of fashion critics.


The singer was never afraid to seem ridiculous or funny in public. Sometimes she chose outfits in the style of a prima donna with a loose dress and a massive layered necklace. In addition, Kesha is one of those performers who can put on all the best jewelry at once, and finish the image with a ring with a massive emerald on the little finger.

Janelle Monet

Another singer who seems to be completely unable to combine jewelry and outfits. At the Grammy Award, Janelle was spotted in a black suit with embroidery, a brooch, rings and a diamond cuff. And hairpins from childhood in the hair added absurdity to the look.

Andra day

Regularly attracts the attention of fashion critics. The singer loves to shock the audience, so she chooses bright makeup, nails of an unusual shape and jewelry that do not combine with each other.

Nicki Minaj

American hip-hop artist loves bright defiant outfits. She is also often seen copying Lady Gaga's style. And if Lady Gaga has found her place in the fashion world, then Nikki is increasingly mistaken, going too far. Sometimes she combines bright bows in her hair, old-fashioned bracelets and beads, more like candies.

Johnny Dapp

And men sometimes like to adorn themselves with rhinestones and diamonds without measure. The peak of popularity of Jack Sparrow has long been behind, but it seems that former glory haunts Dapp. Therefore, in his images he regularly uses a large number of pendants, pendants with rocker paraphernalia, supplementing them with large rings and earrings.

Taisiya Povaliy

Domestic stars also miss the choice of jewelry. The famous singer Taisiya more often chooses restrained and elegant images, but sometimes she misfires. Once she went too far with the amount of beads. Choosing a spacious yellow dress for the exit, she complemented it with a multi-layer beaded necklace. The image turned out to be somewhat provocative and difficult, and the performer looked more like stylist Sergey Zverev.

Everyone has the right to make a mistake, including celebrities. But still, many of them make unconscious mistakes, trying to shock and surprise the audience with their appearance. Some very unsuccessfully copy the images of other celebrities, but someone just needs to change the stylist.