A luxury snake skin accessory you can afford

A fashionable handbag can deliver a woman great joy. Especially if it is made from reptile skin.

Snake skin is always in trend

Snake skin has long been attracted by its softness and beauty. And the owners of accessories made of this material have an impeccable sense of style and taste.

Attention! Snake print on a par with the leopard refers to the animalistic. However, it is more stable and reliable in terms of popularity and does not give up its position.

Fashion trends of snakeskin handbags 2019/20

The assortment of bags made of this material is very diverse. Every year, designers do not get tired of surprising customers by finding new ideas. Next, we consider the fashion trends of bags of the 2019/20 season.


Products made of snake skin are always at the peak of popularity, since a variety of colors is combined with wear resistance and durability. The snake pattern is reliable, because most often it is natural. In addition, the texture absorbs dyes well, so any color can be.

What to wear?

Ideal is the selection of clothing with a similar color scheme . However, it is important to maintain balance and not overdo it.

Advice! At the same time, it is better not to wear a bag, shoes, jacket and belt of the same texture. The bag itself is already a bright element of the image, so additional jewelry may not be required.

Models of snakeskin bags and prices

Python skin

In the collections of 2019 a large assortment of products made of python skin or embossed under it is presented. The material has a beautiful ornament and color. Such accessories are associated with luxury, so they can not be cheap.

The average cost varies from 10, 000 to 25, 000 rubles. However, there is always the opportunity to purchase imitation from a substitute.

Important! A bag from this unusual material can become not just a fashionable new thing, but also a reliable investment.

Cobra leather with head

Cobra skin has a recognizable head pattern. The cost of such a product starts from 9000 rubles, and imitation can be found from 800 rubles.

The model with a natural cobra head on a strap with a magnet (about 15000-25000 rubles) looks originally.

From the skin of a water snake

The water snake has a bright and expressive color, the texture is distinguished by small scales. The uniqueness of the material can be compared with fingerprints, so every thing is unique and is one of a kind.


Also in fashion is a mixture of materials and textures . Python looks unusual in combination with a crocodile . There are models where a leopard print is applied on top of a python .

High-quality combined model can be found from 6000 rubles. An interesting combination of snake and stingray.

Accessories can complement any look, both evening and everyday. In addition, they ceased to be the privilege of noble masters and are available to almost everyone.