Lost an old coat? Make useful things out of it!

Once a favorite fur coat suddenly becomes unusable: the fur has lost its luxurious gloss, bald spots have appeared in some places, the fashion has become unfashionable ... Finally, she just could get tired! Then the question arises of her future fate.

Techniques to attract the well-being of recent years are often prescribed to part with unnecessary things without regrets and reflection. Following their logic, it is best to just hang it at the nearest garbage container, trying to forget about its place in past dreams and value. Or take them to a collection point for those in need. Or, to complete the feeling of renewal, make the richest stuffed animal on Shrovetide, dressing it in furs, and solemnly burn it.

And you can, with a little imagination, give a fur thing a second life, feeling like a creative person. At the same time - saving money!

What can be done from an old fur coat?

It depends on the:

  • the degree of its preservation - the less damaged areas, the more opportunities; a long fur coat can make a short one, or a fur vest, and medium and small fragments can become rugs, cushions, handbags, hairpins, a trim for other things;
  • current needs: perhaps a fur coat for your beloved dog is more necessary than a chair cover;
  • skills of the craftswoman: if it is difficult to sew a toy, then you can always build a rug near the bed.

We sew from the old new

Thinking of putting such a luxury into creativity, you should think carefully - what if you can still vilify it with a little repair? Abrasions and bald spots on sleeves and collars are sometimes completely masked by decorative patches made of leather or suede.

By completely redrawing the product, you can get a smaller fur coat (for example, building a teenage or children's coat from your mother’s fur coat), a fashionable vest.

Tip: Not having enough qualifications, you should not start to acquire it, practicing on an outdated, but still not cheap thing. Ateliers still work. It’s enough just to think well about the desired end result and turn to specialists - precisely in fur!

Any fur coat, from mouton and astrakhan to mink, can become a short fur coat. Hooded jackets and rich-looking mink or fox vests are also possible. Modern fittings, contrast lining, leather details will help to create a fashionable and stylish thing. In addition to combinations of fur with leather, combinations with dense fabric and even knitted elements (for example, sleeves) are also likely.

The final verdict about the future fate of things can only be made by the master. If, with the external preservation of the fur, the decay of the mezra is detected, the whole operation will fail. Maybe whole shreds are enough for a dog coat.

Important! If you want to walk in furs, you should learn the rules for dealing with them. If possible, the fur should not be wet. If this happens, you need to dry the thing only at room temperature and with good ventilation: to dry the leather base of the fur is just as harmful as to overmoisten.

Fur haberdashery

The remaining flaps of fur are suitable for accessories - bags and mittens, couplings and caps, boas and even a leg warmer!

With the help of tips and picking up accessories, you can make a simple handbag yourself. By the way, it’s not necessary to run to the store for finishing items - an old leather jacket, spare parts from bags, buckles, belts, chains, etc. often found at home.

Tip: When working with natural fur and leather, it is quite possible to combine them with artificial - similar or contrasting shades.

There are many options and hats - completely fur or with fabric, leather, knitted inserts. There is also a variant of the popular fur headphones.

Have the coats survived the sleeves? It is easy to remake them into leggings, stitching, if necessary, side inserts. Extensive flaps of soft fur will go to the bootlegs. And from the wide lower part of the hem, a tippet or a boa can be easily cut out!

Soft mittens will not let your hands freeze in any frost. And insoles for street shoes and fur slippers for the house will allow to observe from ancient times the revered rule regarding feet in the warmth.

Recently, catwalk winter ensembles have been full of fur belts on trousers and dresses, skirts and jackets. It’s easy to make such a thing with your own hands.

Shaggy jewelry

Fur jewelry is increasingly becoming the highlight of designer collections. After practicing, you can provide yourself and all your girlfriends with luxurious jewelry. Not so difficult to manufacture:

  • brooches: fox, mink, sable, fox fur, in combination with beads, beads, leather and rhinestones easily turns into a flower or leaf, decorating a coat, dress, hat or scarf;

Important! Do not forget that the brooch is not worn with a necklace. But with earrings and bracelets - how!

  • bracelets: it is enough to wind a strip of fur around a ring from a plastic bottle with a spiral; You can play with combinations with leather, fabric and stones;
  • catkins: fur-wrapped rings, long tassels, fur balls on chains - by collecting cheap accessories in needlework stores, you can create small masterpieces;
  • beads: fur balls are perfectly combined with wooden, glass, leather, metal elements.

Everything is in the house!

Elegant and richly fur products look in the interior, especially in winter.

If there are two whole fur coats in the list of outdated items, you can make a large blanket out of them by combining and stitching the pieces with strong mezra. Having planted the fur on a thin synthetic winterizer, we get a luxurious coverlet.

If there is not enough material for the plaid, perhaps it will be enough for a chair cover or a pillow - it won’t take much time, and comfort will be added to the house.

Pieces of smaller fur fit on the "seat" on chairs and stools, armrests for a working chair.

A worn-out thing is quite suitable for a rug on which you can fall apart in the evening with a book and a cup of tea. If the idea seems too simple, you can complicate it by drawing an animal silhouette as a template and cutting off the skin on it.

Important! The abundance of fur in the house will sooner or later attract the moth. Do not forget to use the means to combat it. Not necessarily chemical: a bunch of wormwood, tansy or lavender sachets will scare away uninvited guests.

A winter place for your beloved pet can also be made from an old fur coat. It is not at all difficult, but how to please a smaller family member.