Is losing a ring a good or bad omen?

Most often, jewelry such as rings is presented to beloved and dear to the heart people, passed on by inheritance. The accidental loss of a gift is difficult not only on the moral side, it can still have a certain meaning, which will help to understand popular signs and superstitions.

Signs, beliefs about the lost ring

All known signs and beliefs originate from ancient times, when it was much easier for people to explain this or that unpleasant event, by the influence of forces invisible to the human eye. Whether they really exist or not, everyone has their own point of view on this subject.

The loss of rings has always been treated with great caution, since it is believed that, together with jewelry, a person can lose his wisdom and fortitude. Particular attention was paid to the engagement rings, as they are the main symbol of marital happiness and fidelity. On their account the signs say:

  • that if the loss was discovered immediately after the wedding or wedding, then most likely one of the spouses could be convicted of treason;
  • that if the ring is lost after many years of marriage, it will be difficult to avoid frustration and family problems.

The wedding couple can be replaced with new ones, having first consecrated them in the church. Buying ordinary engagement rings can be turned into a celebration and even once again play a comic wedding.

Lose the ring in a dream - what does it mean?

People who believe in signs and various superstitions pay much attention to dreams. What they see at night is carried over into real life. Attempts to interpret this or that dream do not always end in success, and sometimes dreams remain only dreams, but sometimes it happens that what is seen at night comes true in the light of day.

The rings seen in a dream and the actions performed with them are considered from the perspective of gender and the status of a sleeping person. The main criterion is the marital status and social status of the dreamer.

There are several types of dream books, each of which claims that the loss of gold jewelry in a dream promises the onset of a difficult period in life. Troubles can occur in quarrels and partings with loved ones, problems at work.

If you dreamed that an ornament that didn’t actually exist disappeared from your finger, most likely the dreamer in real life is tormented by unfulfilled desires.

The unexpected loss of the ring and its further discovery suggests that the person was on the verge of major troubles, but the events would turn out in such a way that he could avoid them. Moreover, found in a dream, it guarantees the dreamer the receipt of pleasant news.

If the lost ring is back ...

When a previously lost ring suddenly is suddenly found, it is always a joy . Such a find promises a person a return of good luck and prosperity. Finding a betrothal can reconcile quarreling spouses and return to the family former love and understanding.

With greater caution, you need to relate to finding someone else's rings. It is imperative to get rid of the jewelry that is found on the threshold of your own home. It can not be taken with bare hands and put on a finger.

Specialists in the field of parapsychology and esotericism do not advise lifting any objects from intersections and roads. Jewelry or other personal items located in such places can be left there for the purpose of conducting certain rituals that are not always programmed for good.

Good things to expect from the find:

  • unmarried guys, it promises them a quick wedding;
  • married men who are soon lucky financially;
  • married women who can hope for a quick increase.

Not all loss or finds should be treated with caution and prejudice. Any event needs to be analyzed, and find the most convenient and truthful explanations for it.