Look in the mirror more often so as not to get into an incident.

Girls like to look at themselves in the mirror and do this quite often. But experts say that you need not just to look at your reflection, but to evaluate your appearance. Perhaps this will avoid many of the oversights in clothes that often happen to us.

Failies we may not notice

Dressed up and about to leave the house, a woman usually evaluates several parameters. Among them: how clothes sit on her, how she looks in this image, whether jewelry, shoes and a hairdress are suitable for the chosen outfit. It is rare when a girl pays attention to little things that can ruin any image.

It often happens that

  • ugly turned the gate;
  • translucent underwear;
  • the clothes are dirty;
  • the pants slid down;
  • rumpled clothes and much more.

Important! These moments are not critical, but each of them is rather unpleasant if you do not notice it in time. Remember the last time you were upset when you came home, when you noticed that you had been going all day with an ugly wrapped collar or with a big spot on the hem of the skirt.

That is why experienced stylists advise not only to inspect your image in the mirror from the point of view of beauty and attractiveness. You should also evaluate every small detail of the set: whether there are scuffs or dents, whether everything is lying smoothly and in accordance with the specified parameters.

Wrapped the gate

A common problem, especially for women who are not used to taking a lot of time in the morning to dress and tidy themselves up. Haste often leads to an ugly collar of the collar, with which a woman walks almost the whole day, if she does not carefully look herself in the mirror.

A wrapped collar can significantly spoil the impression of a person as a person and an employee. It is better to always have a small mirror with you, which is prescribed to look at least once every few hours.

Translucent underwear

Often a girl may not notice such an incident due to the difference in lighting. In the dressing room of the store and at home, the thing was rather dense and did not shine through, and on the street the dress suddenly became almost completely transparent. An incident that can greatly ruin the mood of a lady.

In this case, you need to acquire a large home mirror and good lighting, which will allow you to carefully consider yourself while going to work. It should be remembered that sunlight mercilessly flaunts all the intimate places in the image. Underwear will be visible through clothing made of light fabrics as if there is no dress at all.

Soiled clothes

Stains on clothes do not always mean that the girl is a slut. Perhaps she simply did not notice that she had put a “blot” on and was still in the dark. A small mirror or a large one located in the toilet room can become real helpers in art to always look neat and attractive.

It is better for a woman to look in the mirror more often to evaluate her outfit and note in what condition it is. This is especially important after visiting the dining room, toilet or working with the printer, where there is a risk of getting a stain from paint or food.

Slid pants

If a belt is not provided in the clothes, the pants can easily slip to the very hips, exposing most of the back and exposing the edge of the panties to the display. The fashion for such frankness has long passed, and trousers need to be monitored so that they remain in place.

If you can look at yourself in a large mirror, do it regularly. Then the pants will always be in place, and the image will not suffer from such a rapid “escape” of the wardrobe from the waist.

Crumpled clothes

Crumpled clothes, as well as dirty ones, look unpresentable and unattractive. It is necessary to monitor its condition regularly and, if necessary, take measures to level it. You can iron dresses every day so that they are even and beautiful, but they can easily be crumpled on the way to work in a car or bus.

To prevent this from happening, often look around your appearance in a large mirror. The clothes of a successful woman should be impeccable and not have wrinkles not provided for by designers.

Spoil the pet’s coat on clothes. This is especially true during the molting period of the latter. Cats really like to sleep on the clothes of their owners, and dogs happily meet their friend after work, jumping and licking. Before leaving the house, you need to examine yourself for foreign wool. Use a sticky roller if necessary.

Sometimes a small hole in the clothes can not be noticed the first time. But people who communicate with a person will definitely notice her and find the girl ownerless and sloppy. Therefore, the condition of clothes and seams on it also needs to be carefully monitored. It is better to stitch all the holes in time so as not to create unpleasant precedents.