Living classic. What is forever in fashion?

The world of fashion is changeable and controversial. It meets the needs of all social groups. There is a place in it for ultramodern novelties and good old classics.

Things that will always be "in the subject"

In the arsenal of every woman there are many items of toilet designed for all seasons and occasions. Over time, some go out of fashion, giving way to new products, others do not lose their relevance for many years.

Little black dress

One of the favorite outfits of the beautiful half. It can be worn at any time of the year, it is suitable for the office, and for a glamorous party. Correctly choosing the style for the figure, adding a few bright details, you can become the queen of any society: both conservative and informal .

Sheath Dress

Comfortable and elegant, it does not constrain movement, “hugs”, but does not fit the figure, emphasizing all its advantages. The classic version is sleeveless with a straight skirt reaching the knee . The belt is missing. Waistline is emphasized by pointed vertical tucks.

Modern models are often "equipped" with sleeves: long or 3/4. This allows you to wear the dress in cool weather, hide small defects associated with full hands or skin problems.

Simple jeans, denim jacket

The main advantage of jeans is their natural, “breathable” material, thanks to which they can be worn almost all year round (with the exception, perhaps, of severe frosts).

Denim trousers are put on by men, women, and children. They are not easily soiled, comfortable and practical to wear. A variety of styles is limited only by the imagination of designers: straight, narrowed and flared down, long and short, with high and low waist, fully cotton and with stretch ... In a word - for every taste and age.

A denim jacket is also practical and comfortable, although a little less popular. It goes well with trousers, shorts and a light summer dress.

Red lipstick, Nude lip gloss

"Long-liver" of a fashionable cosmetic Olympus - red lipstick. It attracts attention, makes the image vivid and memorable. Most shades are suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women, coral, berry and peach, for white-skinned and fair-haired people.

Important! With red lipstick you need to be more careful in daytime makeup. In order not to look vulgar, it is better to use it for an evening out.

For lovers of a natural and unobtrusive make-up to your taste, lip gloss in the style of “nude”. Its natural shades allow you to distract attention from the lips and focus, for example, on the eyes. It is easy to apply, lays evenly, keeps lips soft, it is easier to fix with a convenient applicator brush.

White shirt blouse

A great basic thing that goes with any outfit. She is worn with a mini to maxi skirt, trousers, a business suit, jeans, and a jacket. A direct cut, the absence of decor and extra details in combination with a bright color allows you to look strictly and, at the same time, elegant . In an informal setting, the unbuttoned top button will give flirty and sexy look. Non-classic, but also popular varieties of blouses:

  • fitted - from stretch fabrics that hold shape well;
  • free - from light flowing materials (silk, chiffon).

Classic leather jacket

Leather is a source of inspiration for many designers. Natural and artificial, smooth and dressed - it gives room for imagination in modeling clothes, shoes and accessories. Leather jacket is mainly popular among young people. Gives mystery, extravagance, perfectly protects from rain and wind.

There are many models, each of which is attractive to customers in its own way:

  • a short jacket in biker style with rivets - showiness and audacity;
  • elongated - with elegance;
  • jackets - asymmetric cut, decorative zippers;
  • bomber - a loose fit that hides the flaws of the figure.

Single breasted jacket

Fans of a business style in clothes prefer. It can be worn with a skirt or dress, classic trousers or jeans. Alternatively, you can combine with shorts and leggings. They are more versatile than double-breasted jackets, which create additional volume and therefore are not suitable for everyone.

Important! Any styles will look good on a slender figure, ladies with curvaceous shapes should prefer direct elongated silhouettes.

Ballet Flats & Pumps

The most feminine shoes. Ballet shoes due to lack of heels are very convenient for long walks and are suitable for almost all everyday and holiday dresses . A huge selection of colors and materials, a relatively low price make them even more attractive. Unfortunately, they are not very suitable for those whose body is longer than their legs, which must be visually increased with the help of the heel.

Boats are an option that is ideal for any woman. In them, the legs always look long and slender. Look organically with a dress, skirt, trousers. They can go to the theater, to work or a romantic date.

Classic black leather boots

Universal shoes for all seasons except summer. A classic that suits every woman is boots made of smooth black leather to the knee . They are neutral and suitable for clothes of any density and texture, not too whimsical to care for. They have a lot of fashionable variations:

  • from low ankle boots to stocking boots and over the knee boots;
  • with a heel, on a solid sole or platform.
  • The choice is huge - it all depends on the style, comfort and purpose of the shoes.

Fit pants

A wardrobe item conquered from the male half of humanity, emphasizing the independence and autonomy of a modern woman. The classic version is straight-cut trousers with a belt at the waist, slightly narrowed down and up to the middle of the heel, about 1–2 cm above the floor. They can be part of an office suit or an independent element of clothing that perfectly combines with a shirt, blouse or top.

Mid-Knee Cashmere Coat

Thanks to the natural soft, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic material, it is always in trend. Natural colors are gray, black and beige, although there are also painted in other, more rich colors. Slim-fit models will be suitable for girls with a model figure, for chubby direct fit is more suitable. The length to the middle of the knee is optimal for leading both a measured and active lifestyle. In such a coat, a woman is the embodiment of tenderness, fragility and elegance.

Pearl short beads

An exquisite and noble accessory that suits almost everyone. They do not overload the image. One-string necklace is considered a classic . It looks good with any evening dress, but it is especially impressive - with low-necked, black or red color.

Important! When buying such beads, it should be borne in mind that they will visually shorten the neck. It is necessary to correlate them with your parameters and, if necessary, give preference to a more genuine version.

Having in your wardrobe things that have become classics, you can always remain elegant, stylish, attractive and be in trend, regardless of the vagaries of modern fashion.