Linen dress pricks - what to do

Flaxen linen is the oldest type of light matter. And for hot summer weather you will not find the best fabric. But trouble happens: the acquired little thing turns out to be prickly and uncomfortable to wear. Let's see if it is possible to correct the situation and how to do it.

Why linen fabric pricks

To look for means to solve the problem, you must first find out why it arose. Linen can prick for the following reasons.

  • Low quality raw material for fabric manufacture.
  • Other fibers added to the fabric.
  • Improper care .

Let's consider each of these points in more detail.

How the type of flax affects the quality

Be sure to ask what linen your clothes are made of.

The material is obtained from a special plant: flax flax. The quality of matter may vary not only due to different conditions for growing the plant, but also taking into account the methods of processing it.

To make the stems of flax that has reached the necessary ripening, they are harvested and processed. The resulting fibers are thoroughly combed and two types of filaments are obtained .

  • Delicate high-quality yarn for sewing clothes and household items (such as bedding).
  • The remaining scrap goes to yarn for the production of burlap and technical fabric.

Important! The worse the fiber is combed out, the lower the quality of the resulting fabric.

Fabric structure

The strength of matter is provided by the substance lignin contained in flax fiber . In addition to it, other components are contained in the tissue: cellulose, which contains about 80% of fiber, vegetable fats, etc.

Reference! It is the lignin content that affects the stiffness of the tissue. The more it is, the grosser the matter.

Which flax is pricked more often?

Flax is a moody plant that prefers certain environmental conditions. And the tactile properties of the tissue will depend on in which area and in what climate it has grown.

Foreign paintings

  • Ireland is considered the producer of the highest quality linen.
  • The second largest is France.
  • The next in quality was Italy.
  • China and other Asian countries close the list.

Russian flax

Separately, it should be said about Russia. It is not included in this list because, according to experts, in our country fabric is produced both high-quality and of the lowest grade.

How to soften a prickly linen dress

Of course, the quality of clothing should be considered at the purchase stage. But if it is already perfect, then do not despair and put the thing in the closet. It is enough to resort to small tricks, and clothes can be worn without fear of discomfort. We will tell you how to soften the barbed cloth.

Fabric Softener

  • Soak clothes in warm water with added conditioner for half an hour.
  • Squeeze and place in the washing machine.
  • Add the product to the desired compartment.
  • Set the appropriate program.
  • If necessary, carry out the procedure several times.

Boiling with soap and soda

This method is quite aggressive, therefore, if the fabric is brightly colored, it is better not to use it .

For processing, both ordinary baking soda and a calcined version will do .

  • On a bucket of water should use 3 tbsp. l grated laundry soap and a spoonful of soda.
  • We prepare the solution and bring it to a boil.
  • Put the clothes in it and boil over low heat for 30 minutes .
  • Then we rinse in clean water with the addition of a spoonful of vinegar (it will help to wash the soap residue from the fabric).

Rinse with balm and freeze

Another great home remedy will be a rinse conditioner. By adding it every time you wash, you can get rid of scratching.

Coarse linen can be softened by placing the material after washing with a rinse for a day in the freezer.

Reference. Under the influence of cold, the fibers expand and matter as a result becomes softer.


The lining layer will help protect the skin from the rough surface of the fabric. It is usually made from synthetics. This option is especially suitable for trousers, cardigans and jackets. For a skirt, a petticoat can serve as a good replacement for the lining. The beauty of this little thing is that the same petticoat can be used for different skirts.

Water softener

Do not forget that the main cause of scratching and coarsening of the fabric is hard water. Therefore, for the prevention, add emollients when washing.

Remember about the temperature regime of washing and ironing, provide proper care for the thing, and then it will serve you for a long time without unpleasant surprises.