Lindy Hop Dress Code

In the world, more and more people are turning their eyes to the once popular lindy hop. This life - a dance in retro style, a love of the past - translates into an image of everyday life.

What is lindy hop?

Reference! Lindy Hop is an American dance with elements of choreography that are characteristic of Africans. Its history began in the 20-30s of the last century under the influence of the jazz movement in music. Art historians attribute the dance to a swing variety.

Actually Lindy is a kind of mix of Charleston and Step. Later he became the ancestor of the European boogie-woogie, which later grew into rock and roll.

Paired and single performances in this genre are known, all movements of which are built on the basis of basic steps and are filled with rhythmic improvisation.

Open position: the hand of one partner is in the hand of another.

Closed: hands are in a waltz.

Important! The hallmark of this active dance is a beautiful smile.

When was the dance and dress code born?

The unusual name “Lindy-hop” was invented by the famous dancer J. Snowden, nicknamed Shorty, by analogy with the name of the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh. His joke took root, perhaps also because irony and humor are inherent in the swing genre, and the complexity of acrobatics is akin to a feat.

The dance gained the most popularity in the 30-40s of the XX century. It was performed with pleasure by great jazzmen - B. Goodman, A. Shaw, G. Miller, prompting the audience to dance improvisation.

In the same period , a special dress code was born in this culture, requiring beautiful stylish clothes for women and men : a non-trivial dress and an obligatory bow tie.

Modern youth is again returning to the immortal retro, sincerely celebrating its new birth.

Dress code for classes

The main thing is that clothes should be comfortable. Even socialist realists once adhered to this rule, inspiring people with their posters of the 1940s.

In order not to constrain movements, the following kit is suitable:

  • bandage in the form of a scarf on the head;
  • pants of wide cut;
  • soft shoes with a flat sole (ordinary sneakers are possible);
  • spacious linen backpack as a bag for a training set.


In this case, everything is very tough:

  • for men: hat, trouser suspenders, bow tie ;
  • for girls: all kinds of retro dresses with polka dots, floral decorations for hairstyles .

Lindy Hop Parties

For entertaining events of a thematic orientation, several types of dresses are perfectly suited:

  1. In the style of "baby-dollars": from light fabric with lace, free cut, waist high, sleeve short.
  2. "Cocktail" - for private parties, emphasizes the feminine beauty and personality of the image. Dress wide, flowing cut, a little higher than the knees.
  3. The little black dress is perfect for cocktail events.
  4. Hipster dress : made of fabric with a checkered or striped print. It is usually supplemented with large glasses and various hats.
  5. Peasant dress: it is also called rural for an inexpensive, but natural material and simplicity of tailoring like a tunic.
  6. In the style of “fit and flare”: a tight-fitting top that instantly turns into a wide skirt of bright colors with a length slightly higher or lower than the knees.
  7. "Surplice" style: wraparound, V-neck, waist high.
  8. “Male line” in clothing for women : men's trouser suits with shirts, as well as jacket fitted three-piece suits with blouses in delicate tones.


Lindy-hop is not only dance movements, but also a way of life. Among its mandatory components, along with music, is stylish clothing. Initially entrenched rules are still a fashionable classic and do not go out of sight of modern youth.

Clothing selection criteria

To always be fully prepared for the dance, buy suitable items of clothing.

Among the most important criteria :

  • sustained in the style of lindy-hop;
  • a sense of confidence - as they say, "lay on the soul";
  • comfortable and convenient in dance;
  • easy to wash and dry well;
  • fits compactly in a backpack.

Recommended Options:

  • the bottom of the hem of the dress fits into the interval "mid-thigh - no more than 10 cm below the knee";
  • the skirt does not fit, it is possible to expand to the "half-sun";
  • corrugation fabric or smooth;
  • the top can be on the straps, with sleeves, a strap is possible;
  • breathing is not difficult due to tight chest tightness;

Advice! Instead of a squeezing corset, you can wear his imitation.

  • lack of a deep cut on the back;
  • solid "no" tutu skirt;
  • Be sure to wear hats and stockings.

Lindy Hop Clothing

This style is very democratic, therefore, its adherents wear the most diverse combinations of clothing elements, up to jeans with T-shirts and creative mixing of the “gangster”, “hipster”, and “tramp” types.

Individuality is welcomed in everything: in dance movements, and in the style of the created image. A very functional thing for lindsters is high-waisted trousers, as well as blouses with retro flashlights.

Any fan of this trend in fashion is not averse to have additional collars, ruffles and shuttlecocks, as well as buttons covered in fabric.

Successful combinations

Among the most successful collections:

  1. A thick cotton lined raincoat with a rounded collar and a fluffy skirt + gold earrings with amethyst + watches.
  2. High-waisted trousers + linen cut blouse of a simple cut with transforming sleeves + sandals of a dancing model made of genuine leather.
  3. A bright red dress just above the knees with a mischievous bow + sloppy styling a la 1940s or rockabilly + silver earrings from the category of "minimalism".

Lindy-hop every year more and more popular. And his fans explain it simply: in our life there is often a desire to throw away a boring routine and dash away in those long gone, but such beckoning times with their beauty.