Lifehacks with a bra

Properly selected bra is able to transform the figure. It is important that it not only looks beautiful, but also is practical and comfortable.

Top life hacks with a bra from fashionistas

  1. to make the dress look perfect without a bra, you can sew an old bra to it from the inside;
  2. if the clothing involves an open shoulder - you need to leave only one strap;
  3. to avoid slipping straps, you can use small cuts of lace to match the dress and special clips for clothes;
  4. silicone cups or breast-lifting stickers are suitable for outfits with an extremely deep neckline;
  5. dresses with straps around the neck look great if you change the usual bra straps to silicone. Another option is to remove one of the straps of the bra, and throw the other over the neck and hook it into the eye of the removed one.

We fasten the straps on the back and shoulders

With a beautiful figure, dresses with an open back look great. For such dresses there is a special bra-converter, ribbons of elastic material with hooks are attached to it . If such a bra is missing, it is easy to make it yourself.

To do this, you need a piece of elastic tape, a length along the circumference of the waist, and hooks from the old bra. Having sewed them together, we get the converter from our own bra without interfering with its integrity. The hooks of the tape easily catch on the bra clasps, the tape is thrown over the stomach and fastens on the other side.

Fasten the bones

In the case when they bulge and rub the skin, you can use a piece of the daily pad - cut a piece from it and stick to the defect on the bra. If the bone protrudes from the edge, a regular medical patch will help.

Using special clamps

Ties for bra straps do not allow them to subside, make invisible and visually increase the chest. They are comfortable under wrestling, top or dress, come in different colors, often flesh, black or transparent.

Protect from rubbing

If the straps cause discomfort to the skin, you can use special silicone pads. They not only prevent rubbing, but also help to evenly distribute the weight of the chest.

Hiding straps

When clothing narrows to the neckline, the bra straps on the sides do not look aesthetically pleasing, especially if they are not suitable in color. In this case, the removable straps can be re-hooked, while the sewn straps are conveniently interlocked with a clip or paper clip . You can also sew on the braid holders to a T-shirt, dress or blouse. The same method is suitable when a part of the bra is visible in a dress with a deep armhole - a small piece of elastic tape solves the problem.

If the outfit involves open shoulders, straps must be wrapped around yourself and fastened. In addition, with an open dress, a silicone bra without straps looks great. It can be either translucent or covered with flesh-colored or black fabric.

To hide a bra under a T-shirt or under a dress with crossed straps, just cross the bra straps and fasten them.

Storage secrets

In order for the bra to keep its shape and serve for a long time, you can not keep it crumpled or folded, it is best to purchase a special case . In the absence of such a bag, you can store them nested in each other. To extend the service life, it is recommended to change the bra at least every other day.

How to wash a bust?

Washing is required after putting it on three times, since the sweat and fat secreted by the skin contribute to tissue destruction. The rules are usually indicated on the tag: for some, washing in a washing machine is suitable, for others - only manual .

  • Laundry to be washed by hand must be placed in water with detergent and rinsed there for several minutes. Then rinse the detergent with running water.
  • The delicate wash mode and cold water will help keep the bra elastic in machine wash. Water temperature should be no more than 40 degrees, bras should be washed separately from clothes. It is advisable to use a special gel for delicate fabrics - this will help to gently clean the item from contamination, while maintaining its original shape. In the absence of gel, it is perfectly replaced by shampoo.
  • A bra with underwire must be placed in a special bag before washing. Recently, special spheres have appeared on sale to preserve the shape of the product and metal inserts.
  • The easiest way to clean a sports bra is to take a shower in it, this will save time without sacrificing quality.

Important! You can not squeeze out linen with cups, this is fraught with their deformation!

To dry the product, you need to straighten it and put it on a flat surface.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to dry the white bra on the battery to avoid yellowing.