Lessons from Princess Diana: How to Wear the Old as the New

Princess Diana is an internationally recognized style icon! And even today, fashionistas cannot surpass her extravagance and impeccable sense of style in dresses. At the same time, Lady Dee did not hesitate to wear the same outfit several times. She knew how to skillfully change images with the help of bright accents and conspicuous details. Her practicality was famous all over the world, and in each of her outfits the princess looked flawless and always out of place. Lady Dee has a lot to learn.

A new combination - a new image

From the images presented by the Princess of Wales, you can draw inspiration today. Many designers are still amazed how the wife of the crown prince managed to always look so attractive, although her outfits were not always distinguished by their novelty.

It often happened that Diana simply combined several of the outfits she had already worn before, and a completely new, unique bow was obtained, which caused delight among the fans.

Floral Suit

Two-piece suit is always a profitable acquisition . It can be worn as a single ensemble or, when divided, supplemented with various wardrobe items.

So you get brand new bows for every day. Princess Diana actively used this stylistic device several decades ago.

Dress with a full skirt

An unusual puffy knee-length dress with a geometric pattern easily turned on Lady Dee into a completely business suit, complemented by a classic long jacket.

You could see such a bow in 1987 on an official visit to Lisbon. A few months later, the same dress was perfectly combined with an elongated jacket of a white color and two-tone shoes. Thanks to this, the outfit acquired the military style. This was seen by Diana at the Cannes Film Festival.

Choker or tiara

In 1985, a representative of the royal family appeared in Melbourne in a velvet dress and a precious choker decorated with precious stones at that time.

Six months later, the choker migrated to the head of the princess and became the original tiara. Lady Dee complemented her with a stylish flying dress to match the decoration. In this form, she appeared at a dinner party in Tokyo.

Important! Diana skillfully combined items of her own wardrobe. Even experienced stylists were not always at first glance able to find out whether these are new things or well-disguised old ones.

Today, the experience of a person from the royal family will come in handy for many fashionistas. With the help of a visual example, you can safely create the most unusual and attractive everyday sets. They will not leave others indifferent.

New bows in royal alterations

It is a well-known fact that Diana often did not spend money on buying new things. She simply suggested that stylists slightly remake the dress or suit to make it look completely different .

Blue dress from the fashion house Catherine Walker

The princess did not want to part with her favorite brand. For the first time, a blue dress was “walked” by the princess during an official visit to Lisbon in 1987.

Two years later, the outfit turned into an original sleeveless cocktail dress with a neckline in the shape of a heart. Lady Dee chose the modified version as an outfit for a charity ball in London.

Dress in the style of "polka dot"

Another example of a successful alteration was a dress in the style of "polka dot". It was first presented to the public at equestrian competitions.

And a few months later, Diana reappeared in him, but has already undergone some changes.

The dress lacked a magnificent peplum, which was originally the "highlight" of the image. I must say that this did not spoil the image of Lady Dee.

Do you have any examples of successful alterations?