Lessons from Karl Lagerfeld: how to look decent

You can admire as much as you like the cult character of Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion world. But even more valuable is its rich heritage in the form of tips on how to look stylish. These tips are relevant not only for the oligarchs and their wives, but also for mere mortals, such as you and me. And since we can follow these tips, then we can make this world a little more beautiful. Let's start

Clothing Selection Rules: What Karl Lagerfeld Teaches

Expensive doesn't mean great

Never rate clothing at its price! And in general, throw out the combination of “cheap thing” from your vocabulary once and for all. The style has never been associated with the number of zeros on the price tag .

INTERESTING! The great Marilyn Monroe once responded to the remark that she became famous only thanks to expensive clothes, arranged a luxurious photo shoot in an ordinary potato bag.

Lagerfeld was not so radical. He usually cited as an example a simple T-shirt and jeans, selected with taste and quality materials . This is not only found in expensive brands.

In continuation of the topic, the following advice: do not think that the fact of acquiring expensive and fashionable clothes will automatically make you stylish. Cultivate your taste, and do not waste your money thoughtlessly!

Don't give up black

Lagerfeld’s words “black is sexy” have been heard by many. But still I will remind about them.

IMPORTANT! In any wardrobe there must be black things, because this color will never go out of style and is suitable for absolutely everyone.

Well, a little black dress by Chanel is an eternal classic. Everything else, black slim. And about the harmony, the famous designer had a separate fad.

“The body must be perfect”

And what should everyone else do? Work on yourself! Lagerfeld himself at the time dropped 40 kg. Therefore, having such an experience behind him, he has always been an opponent of body-positive trends.

Being slim, especially if you are prone to being overweight, is a huge job . And the reward for her is the opportunity to look stylish. After all, the world of fashion is mainly focused on the thin.

The designer was especially merciless to those who criticize the slender bodies of models. He ironically remarked that most often such judges are fat mothers sitting with a packet of chips on the TV.

Fit and comfortable over fashion

A stylish person, according to Lagerfeld, is not only slim, having taste and black things in the wardrobe. This is one who knows how to wear clothes wisely .

IMPORTANT! If you buy clothes that are not suitable for the figure, you will look ridiculous, even if it is trendy.

If you dress out of season, wear a white coat on the floor in slush, and wear dark gray in the summer, then you can hardly be called a stylish person.

If you keep all these commandments, but clothes are uncomfortable for you, then your constrained movements will instantly destroy the elegant look.

Do not wear it!

The most important evil according to Lagerfeld is sweatpants. They only have a place in the gym! In other places - by no means!

The maestro was also intolerant towards natural fur .

Review your wardrobe, adjust the image taking into account the advice of the king of fashion - compliments to your style are provided!

The main requirement is simplicity in everything.

Successor Coco Chanel has always been for simplicity in everything, including accessories.

The current layering and the abundance of jewelry is not for him. After all , just one bright accent is enough - and the image is ready without too much effort.

As for saving effort - Lagerfeld has always been a classic and minimalist wardrobe, consisting mainly of basic things.

A woman who has a white shirt, a T-shirt, a perfectly fitting jacket, jeans and a skirt in her wardrobe does not need to clog her wardrobe . To look stylish, just combine these things with each other and dilute with accessories.

Karl Lagerfeld himself lived a long and bright life. On his own example, he repeatedly confirmed that his advice works. And I think that following them will be the best way to honor the memory of the master.