Leather skirts 2018: fashion trends

A leather skirt has not left its peak of popularity for several years, and next season promises to please fashionistas with new styles and trim. This is not strange, because the skin has always had a reputation for stylish and fashionable material. I propose to find out exactly which skirts are fashionable this year, and will delight the girls next year.

Are leather skirts fashionable in 2018

If in 2016 only straight medium-length varnish skirts were popular, then this year has impressed everyone with the variety of cut, length and color of this product. Do not forget that it was in 2018 that matte leather won glossy in a “stylish competition”. Stylists and popular designers actively used various styles of leather skirts in their shows. So, if you are in doubt whether to purchase such an extravagant wardrobe item, feel free to buy and remember, the breadth of the assortment will definitely please you.

What leather skirts are fashionable in 2018

A variety of skirts makes it possible to use them in various styles and images. Women can combine them with all kinds of materials and experiment with colors and accessories. Let us analyze in more detail the most trendy models of leather skirts.

Fashion trends in styles

The modern world of fashion is very democratic and allows women to choose any style and any color of skirts, but still we will highlight some of the most trendy models of leather products.

Pencil skirt. Favorite style of designers and fashionistas, which has long been a classic. With this model you can create an elegant business image, a bold evening and everyday. The pencil style favorably emphasizes the shape and beauty of women's hips, so any image with it will look feminine and sexy. This season, the classic model is complemented by various finishes:

  • The cut (can be both in the back and front and side) will emphasize the beauty of the legs and add a bold note to the image.
  • High waist will highlight the figure, goes well with tops and tucked in blouses.
  • Belt (it can be leather, suede or another material. The color of the belt can be either in tone with the skirt or contrasting. Belts with additional trim will add uniqueness to neutral clothes).
  • Clasps and other metal jewelry.

IMPORTANT. Many designers create skirts with several materials, complement the skin with warm wool, fur or suede. Such options look very elegant and interesting.

What is the length at the peak of popularity

Mini Favorable style for slim girls with slim legs. When using such an element of the wardrobe, do not forget that the top of the outfit should not be defiant (deep neckline, transparent fabrics), because a short skirt is defiant in itself. It is better to combine a miniskirt with loose things.

An elongated skirt is especially popular in the fall-winter season, because it not only looks stylish, but also warms well. Do not forget about fashionable finishes and feel free to use such a model in everyday and business looks.

The style with a smell looks especially stylish and relaxed. It is worth paying attention to when creating an evening look for women of absolutely any figure.

More and more girls prefer elongated and long skirts. After all, they look strictly, emphasize forms and can be used in any style. Popular is considered the length below the knee or to the middle of the calf.

ATTENTION. It is logical that it is inconvenient to walk in a long narrowed leather skirt, therefore most often maxi skirts are wide or with slits, which adds to them an even more stylish and modern look.

Fashionable colors of leather skirts

Classic tones: black, beige and brown have not become less popular, because these colors allow you to experiment with the choice of top and accessories. To these trendy colors were added the following:

  • emerald;
  • bright red and yellow;
  • burgundy;
  • pale blue and pink.

When choosing the color of the skirt, remember the main rule: neutral shades can be combined with a colorful top, and bright skirts should be complemented with black or beige tops, blouses and sweaters.

How to choose a fashionable leather skirt

If you decide to buy this versatile item and are not afraid to draw attention to your bow, remember the following tips when choosing a leather product:

  • should seriously approach the choice of style based on the characteristics of the figure;
  • the color and number of finishes depends on your lifestyle and the places where you are going to go in a skirt;
  • If you are not sure about the correct choice of a bright designer skirt, give preference to practical classics.

In the creation of stylish images with a leather skirt, an important role is played by the selection of the top and shoes. Remember the style and colors of your wardrobe when choosing a new skirt.