Leather dress - fashion trend of fall-2019

Not so long ago, many fashionistas feared that a leather dress was too defiant. But fashion is very capricious and changeable! And today, leather outfits are firmly rooted in women's wardrobe. They have become a fashion trend! And this allows the young ladies to feel confident and seductive in the original leather dresses. Trade closely follows fashion trends, so a variety of styles and models of such clothes are presented on the market. We will show you what to choose to look modern.

Choosing a shape

Leather dresses are quite demanding, so a woman can not afford any model.

  • If you are the owner of narrow hips, choose models with an extended skirt, A-silhouette, pleated . They will help visually increase the hips and balance the figure.
  • Owners of small breasts will be helped to correct the image with styles with a magnificent top. Ruffles and ruffles on shoulders, sleeves-lanterns, a dress-bustier are well suited for this.
  • If you have a perfect figure, any dress will only emphasize it. So, it is possible to choose an outfit based on personal preferences.

What leather dresses are needed for fall-2019

Thanks to modern technology, the skin has very good characteristics. This material today is thin and soft, which expands the possibilities of cut. Today they produce leather in various colors, the material can be matte, glossy, with various patterns and textures.

IMPORTANT! Atypical skin tones came into fashion and immediately became a trend of the season: brown, red, burgundy, green, blue, white, mustard, orange.

Styles and models

At the peak of fashion today, very unexpected combinations of material and cut:

  • dress with smell ;

  • dress shirt ;

  • case ;

  • with asymmetric cut .

And if you don’t know what to choose, give preference to the classics. Especially if you have not had to wear leather outfits before.

A little black leather dress will help the girl out more than once. A sheath dress made of the same black leather looks not only incredibly sexy, but also attractively cute.

IMPORTANT! If you buy a model that follows the contours of the body, take this very responsibly. The material should not sag anywhere or, on the contrary, too tightly fit.

Combined Products

Today, things are also relevant in which the skin is complemented by various materials:

  • stretch;
  • silk;
  • cotton;
  • lace.

REFERENCE! Inserts made of elastic materials allow you to extend the life of easily wrinkled and rubbed skin. And yet such an interesting move allows you to emphasize the feminine bends where it is needed.

Yes, such an outfit is difficult to care for and requires special attention, but in it you will certainly be irresistible!

  • For cold autumn and winter, fashion designers offer models with fur inserts or trim . Such an outfit will not only help not to freeze, but will also allow you to look luxurious.

How to wear a leather dress to look stylish

Professionals offer many ideas and variations with which to wear a casual or formal leather dress.

  • Feminine and sophisticated dresses should be complemented with the same accessories. Elegant stilettos, a small clutch bag, precious earrings, a bracelet or a necklace will do .
  • You can add courage and make the image even more bold with the help of a black jacket-jackets or a shortened jacket. Complement your look with massive over the knee boots, a stylish backpack, and chain jewelry.
  • A loose leather dress must be worn with a belt at the waist . Although skin is associated with audacity and danger, it is worth preserving this feminine detail in the image.
  • Having chosen a dress of modern shades, you will need to purchase the same handbag or shoes. The most courageous ladies can even try on a recently appeared fashionable total bow.

REFERENCE! Total bow is such a style of dress when everything is made in one color scheme.

  • And if you are not yet tuned to conquer fashionable peaks, you can dilute the monotony with interesting jewelry made from natural materials . Moreover, if wood, inexpensive stones and metals are permissible for a daily look or office bow, then only jewels and pearls are suitable for a chic look at an evening reception.