Lariat: what is interesting decoration harness transformer

Many people know and love luxurious bead jewelry; they amaze with bright colors and shapes. But few have heard of a stylish bead jewelry called "Lariat."

What is bead lariat?

Lariat is a woven bead transformer bundle with beautiful clasps or brushes at the ends. It can be worn in many ways.

This original jewelry is often worn around the neck. It will effectively decorate not only casual clothes, but also an evening suit.

Lariat is a universal jewelry loved by many women that can be worn in a variety of forms every day.

How to wear beaded lariat?

You can have one single decoration, but daily change wearing methods:

  • necklace;
  • short necklace;
  • a bracelet;
  • sotuar;
  • belt.

Reference! Sotuar is a beautiful decoration on a long chain (cord) with a decor or a brush.

Let’s figure out how to tie a lariate in order to look irresistible, and each time present in a new image.

A necklace is the easiest option to wear around your neck. Twist we wrap the jewelry around the neck, and fasten the third turn on the side, jewelry at the ends of the lariat will hang beautifully on the chest.

Simple knot. The tourniquet is put on the neck and tied with a regular knot, leaving the ends hanging 7-10 cm long.

There are other easy knots for a plait.

Pendant necklace . We fold the tourniquet in half and through the neck into the loop we start the free ends of the jewelry.

More complex nodules.

Twisted necklace. We freely place on the chest in front, we end the ends behind the neck. We wrap each end around the middle part lying on the chest, towards the center, leaving the ends of the tourniquet with brushes beautifully hanging.

You can create a more complex version.

With extra tassels earrings . If the tourniquet has beautiful tassels at the ends, and in addition to it there are earrings in the form of the same tassels, the designers offer an original solution.

First, the tourniquet folded in half is circled around the neck, leaving a fold in front. On the second turn, we lower the remaining two ends of the decoration into the loop. Hang earrings on the side of the double braids. It looks very impressive.

Using macrame nodes

With the Josephine Knot. An extraordinary option is to tie a spectacular Josephine knot.

It is better to place it near the clasp. We give the knitting scheme of the knot.

Other nodes can also be made following the pattern.

Pigtail. We fold the transformer tow three times, weave a braid of three "strands". We focus on the scheme. We have only one end, so do not forget to weave it when weaving, taking it out of the loop.

We try on so that the pigtail is about half the product. Slightly bend it in a semicircle, at the end we pass the free end of the bundle into the formed loop. In the presence of brushes it looks very beautiful.

Tue ory riant. You can completely braid the braid to the fasteners. It will also turn out original. The braid can be slightly tightened or tight - so we get different versions of the necklace.

The third version of the nodes is performed strictly according to the scheme.

Other options for nodes.

Original bracelets

Bracelet . We wrap the lariate several times around the wrist, and fasten it over several layers of the tourniquet.

Braid braid . The lariat folds three times and a pigtail braids, as described previously.

Useful Tips

Those who want to keep Lariat for a long time should adhere to the recommendations of specialists:

  • If you wear a transformer harness often and in different forms, then when you remove it, be sure to straighten or untie all the knots. The decoration can remember the shape, and it takes time to straighten.
  • It is better to store a lariat in a coiled spiral or in a straightened form.

  • When you pull the ends into the loop, do it carefully, you can pull on the knitted part, and not on the tassels or the lock. This will help to avoid tearing off the hands .
  • The lock also adorns the product perfectly, so when choosing a tying option, keep in mind that it is always in sight.

Advice! Smooth and beautiful knots or braids can not always turn out right away , training is needed.

Such simple tricks will help you to use Lariat every day in a new way and be always elegant and bright.