Lacing does not happen much! What and how fashionable to lace

Lacing is always piquant, sexy and exciting! The creators of the outfits realized this back in the Middle Ages. It is impossible for a modern fashionista not to have at least a couple of things with this exquisite detail in her wardrobe.

Interesting! Invented in the XIII century, laces with metal tips helped Christopher Columbus fix his financial affairs: the Indians were glad to pay for the innovation brought from overseas with gold bullion.

Meet the fashion trend: lacing

However, the acquaintance took place a long time ago - in previous decades, this element often appeared on clothes, shoes and jewelry. However, the mod did not know such an abundance of laces. You can meet them:

  • on clothes - front, back, sides, sleeves, trouser-legs and instead of zippers on the codpiece;
  • on shoes of all seasons;
  • on jewelry.

Lacing turned out to be suitable not only in the traditional romantic style for her. Any outfit - from sports to business - can transform with such an element, and a simple thing to mediocrity will acquire a zest with it.

Advice! Does the laced top look too frank? Let's balance the ensemble with a rather strict blazer, jacket or jacket and a pencil skirt. It will turn out moderately catchy and fairly restrained.

The most fashionable items with lacing details

Lacing is most often associated with a corset and high boots, but these things are not limited to the possibility of its use. You can see the laces not only on the back or lower legs!

Important! The brightness of this accent dictates special requirements for style. In order to prevent annoying errors, it is better to select an ensemble of solid objects. However, skillful and moderate use of prints can turn out to be advantageous!

Blouse with lacing on the shoulders

A thing of ordinary cut is transformed with this detail! With the help of lacing on the shoulders, you can skillfully demonstrate the merits of your appearance. The delicate fragility of the shoulders (or vice versa - their muscularity!) Is emphasized by a shirt made of thin fabrics. White color tones tanned skin, and black - its delicate whiteness. Nice and bright colors.

Important! You need to skillfully lace up the sleeves: too tight - the fabric wrinkles, too loose - the look will be careless, which is only relevant when imitating the style of a free artist.

Chest Laced Blouse

Any, even the most modest blouse is able to transform with such an ornament. Lacing can be bold to the caller (open, in addition to the neckline, a fairly wide strip of the body) or have the form of a modest triangle. The latter case is appropriate in everyday looks: complete with a pencil skirt, strict shoes and a jacket, it is also suitable for the office.

Looks great in other ensembles:

  • sports - in combination with a short skirt like a tennis one, ballet flats (gym shoes are also good);
  • street - with ripped jeans, a "bully" cap, a loose cardigan, and rude boots (clogs are suitable for summer);
  • youth - with shorts and shoes on the platform.

Important! Putting on a thing with a “frank” lacing that does not imply the presence of a bra, one must be sure not only of the appropriateness of such an outfit, of matching status and age, but also of suitable external data! The owner of too large a breast will look defiant; with a modest zero size in this form, you can run into ridicule.

Tunic with lacing

This loose- fitting thing, decorated with cords or ribbons, as if made for sports beauties who want to demonstrate the beauty of slim legs and hips . It is enough to wear it with leggings, skinny jeans, colored tights. The most daring will allow themselves to wear a rather long tunic with over-boots and black tights.

The tunic will help to hide the absence of a waist - in combination with a straight skirt of any length or classic trousers.

Dress with lacing

There are no boundaries for designer imagination! A dress of any style, length and style can be decorated with a fashionable detail, and it is allowed to show off anywhere, on the sides, front, back and on the sleeves. An alternative to a more traditional finish is also possible - several rows of laced ribbons will make the dress original and noticeable.

Important! Lacing is a very catchy piece in itself, so you should not overload the ensemble with an abundance of accessories.

There are many options:

  • a short dress in the style of an elongated blouse or tunic with cords on the sides, front or back;
  • luxurious dress with imitation corset - fabric and accessories are selected to match;
  • a country-style dress with a full skirt, open shoulders, a small lacing at the top of the bodice;
  • A wide frill boho dress with lace-up decor.

This decoration remains traditional in wedding and prom fashion.

Lace-up skirt

How about a long straight skirt model with side hip lacing? In the evening ensemble, such a thing will certainly “solo”! Tightly laced sides of a straight midi skirt in combination with strict shoes and a jacket will make the office worker look both modest and fashionable.

Advice! For some reason, a laced slit or skirt flanks seem unacceptable? Take a look at the models with lacing on the pockets!

Shoes and boots with lacing

Shoes of all seasons have been lined with for a long time: shoes and boots, ballet shoes and high-heeled shoes are decorated with cords - to match the shoes or contrasting.

Sometimes such shoes make up an ensemble with laced things, but its accentuating function is also possible . The main thing is to be able to combine the details of the image: clothing in the floor and midi requires a high heel, and cropped models look better with a flat sole or a small heel.

Gladiator Sandals

Inspiring thoughts about ancient times, shoes have quite a few options. There are sandals:

  • tall, reaching to the knee, they look great with a short dress (especially in the Greek style!), shorts, tunic;
  • to the ankles - with them are beautiful and long dresses;
  • without a heel - equally magnificent with a flying boho dress, a wide T-shirt, shorts;
  • on the heel - this violation of the classic canon will suit feminine accents.


The fashion trend has reached the beach stuff! Both open and closed models of swimwear are perfectly complemented by lacing. Thanks to her, a strict model turns into a frank one, and a bikini set with a laced bodice or sides of swimming trunks becomes emphasized sexy .