Lace disgrace. Errors in wearing lace

Girls, such girls! How we love to dress up, put on all the best and smartest at once! At this moment, our brain seems to be turning off, and we forget about one of the main rules of a fashionable image: we must not overload it with details . The most “juice” is in laconicism and simplicity, which can easily break such clothing elements as guipure and lace. We’ll talk about them today in more detail.

How old is docile lace?

Lace has not gone out of fashion for many years. Many couturiers are inspired by his femininity and sexuality, therefore, in designer collections and in the usual mass market, guipure items appear with enviable regularity. But can every girl or woman easily try on lace on herself? I will answer briefly - everyone can try on. But how it will look on it is another question .

Lace obediently to women of not all ages . Rather, women of different years will suit completely different lace. The Balzac-aged lady in a mini-dress from thin tight guipure looks absurd and vulgar . Another thing is when she changes clothes in a strict dress with lace elements or puts on a blouse made of knitted lace. The same can be said about a very young lady who is studying at school. Only a wardrobe with separate lace inserts, for example, on a classic shirt, is suitable for her.

The best lace wardrobe looks on a woman 25-40 years old . At this age, beauties can afford almost any lace - the main thing is that it looks appropriate at the event and combines with other items of clothing.

When does lacy clothing look vulgar?

Often, even on a young slender girl with an ideal model appearance, lace looks vulgar and defiant. An overly frank dress or blouse will attract the attention of men, but the majority of self-sufficient and self-respecting young people are impressed by a modest young lady with a cute lace collar on her dress, and not a socialite in guipure mini and huge heels.

Remember: vulgarity = bad taste . There are no exceptions to this rule. It looks extremely defiant:

  • translucent lace without lining from a dense fabric. It suits only as underwear, but not for a dress for an exit;
  • a combination of several types or shades of lace in one look. To go too far is very easy, therefore it is important to dwell on only one thing or element;
  • bright colours. Not every bright lace looks vulgar, but only one that is clumsily combined with other accessories, a hairstyle or make-up . Absolute taboo - a combination of red lipstick and red lace. And if you add to this set an extremely short skirt and tall heels ... I will leave no comment;
  • a combination of guipure and massive artsy decorations. Lace in itself is a self-sufficient accessory that does not need additions . Small earrings-cloves or a thin chain in combination with guipure look more organic than long earrings with stones and a large necklace. Everything should be in moderation.

Examples of “vyrviglaznyh” guipure outfits

Above, you learned about how and when you should not wear lace things. Let's fix the material on specific images. They are extremely strange.

Panther or tigress

Every woman wants to be both a cute cat and a predator at the same time. In this outfit, everything would be fine if the girl had decided who she was: a black panther or a tigress. The combination of a black lace dress and animal print accessories is not a good idea . All that was needed was to choose plain accessories for the dress, or a plain dress for the bag.

Overslept? Not a problem!

Fashionable dresses in the style of a shirt look stylish if they are of the correct length and color . In this outfit, it seems as if the model overslept, threw the first cardigan on top of the nightdress and ran.

Corset and lace are not best friends

Even Hollywood beauties are sometimes mistaken. Charlize Theron for a secular exit chose not the most successful combination of a corset and lace dress. All together it looks rather vulgar.

Red on beige

One of the designers' favorite tricks is to put a lining made of beige fabric under a translucent lace. Due to this, an illusion of a naked body is created. Often it looks spectacular, but in combination with red - bust with sexuality.

Angel tenderness

This image is a good example of how beautiful things in themselves do not fit together. A top with frills and a white lace skirt look self-sufficient, so they look better individually.

No secret

Each girl should have a secret, so it is better to leave a lace mini-dress with a neckline to the navel for a special occasion. Or go in this form for a walk only accompanied by a young man.

Ruffles, ruffles

I do not recommend a girl with a magnificent figure to wear an outfit with a lot of guipure ruffles. Outwardly they will add a few more pounds. It’s better to leave such splendor to a thin woman, and choose an elegant sheath dress with lace inserts on her chest.

Maybe it's better to the beach?

In this dress, the beautiful Svetlana Loboda appeared on the red carpet, but in fact, in such a dress it is better to take sun baths. Still it’s worth prying under a transparent grid, for example, a dress-shirt. If the "superstar" such an exit is forgiving, then an ordinary woman in a transparent dress will cause bewilderment.

What outfits do you think deserve approval?