Krapovy takes that it

Getting a maroon beret is a cherished dream of many boys since childhood. Some of them persistently go to their goal and achieve it, despite the great difficulties on the way to achieving it.

Krapovy beret - a special element of the form

Krapovy beret is a part of the uniform and a peculiar symbol of the military and employees of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The right to wear this type of clothing is not for everyone and it needs to not only be earned, but also proved in practice. That is why it is the subject of exceptional pride of its owner. A soldier undergoes certain tests, the purpose of which is to notice people with a high individual preparation for actions to eliminate criminals and free hostages in critical critical moments. In addition, this headpiece is a symbol of valor and honor and speaks of the highly moral values ​​of its owner. After all, losing such a unique status is much easier than getting it.

ATTENTION! There are many actions that you can quickly lose this status item. These include, for example, the manifestation of cowardice during combat operations, unregulated relationships with colleagues, ill-conceived actions, reduced quality of physical fitness, and much more.

What is it, why is "speckled"

The history of the name of this garment goes back to the eighties of the last century. As you know, our country hosted the Olympics. In order to provide increased security control, a special company was created, from which the famous Vityaz detachment subsequently emerged. A distinctive element of clothing was needed to be recognized by the military. It was decided to develop a beret of a certain exceptional color. The speckled color symbolizes the blood shed by the Soviet military during military operations.

Who should wear it and for what reason

Getting a maroon beret is quite difficult. It is necessary to prove to the commission their moral skills and physical abilities. It is given in the following cases:

  • for participating in hostilities and displaying courage, courage, stamina and other qualities, as well as the military, who received serious injuries that no longer enable them to prove their exceptional skills;
  • when passing certain qualification tests.

Not everyone has access to exams. First you need to serve at least six months in the special forces units on conscription or on contractual terms. In addition, a person should have a positive characteristic from the senior management of the unit where he served. In the main subjects, such as physical, special fire and tactical training, the marks should be “good” and “excellent”.

REFERENCE! Also, experts of some civil services (FSKN, FSIN, Ministry of Internal Affairs) are allowed to pass exams.

Wear Features

There are certain established traditions of wearing such clothes. One of them is wearing a headgear with an inclination to the left side. This is a certain symbol among the military and their distinguishing feature. Like the uniform, the beret owners do not decorate anything, unlike other units. Each owner of this thing protects it and carries it to the end. Change to a new beret is not accepted. On the contrary, it is considered to be especially proud to have an old, frayed and faded beret.

Becoming the owner of this prestigious item of clothing is very difficult. It is necessary to possess not only excellent physical preparation, but also moral high moral human qualities.