Knitting Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt was originally used only in a business style and often women simply created outfits for work and office. Now with the advent of new models, these things can be found in almost any style. This is a romantic look and casual style, and even sporty with sneakers. Let's try to figure out what are the most fashionable styles and how to knit them with knitting needles and beautiful yarn. There are several fashionable novelties below with diagrams and a description.

Fashionable styles of pencil skirts

As soon as new models of pencil skirts appeared, they took all the leading places. These are very interesting options with a fringe, with a smell, an unusually high waist, lace patterns. Among this variety, you can choose the most suitable for your new image.

What yarn to choose for a skirt

Yarn for such a charming product should be as dense as possible. To create a warmer fiber, it is better to pay attention to the composition of the wool in the thread. Demi-season models are good in one thread. And the warmest can be knitted in two or even three threads. It will be comfortable if the yarn for the item is not prickly, therefore, if there is a desire to craft your favorite product, it is better to pay attention to such subtleties.

What to choose knitting needles

For knitting skirts, you can use both long ordinary knitting needles and circular. Hosiery is not very convenient to knit a huge circle. It is very important to choose the needles according to the size of the thread. This will make the canvas stronger and the loops even.

How to choose the color of a knitted skirt

It is very pleasing that the color scheme of yarn is not limited to a couple of boring colors. Therefore, there will definitely be plenty to choose from. A little advice to those ladies who do not want to focus on the legs in such a model is to choose a darker shade. You can use black color. In this case, it is better for them to use a lighter top. But for those young ladies who, on the contrary, decided to emphasize their cute legs, they should pay attention to bright and mouth-watering colors and especially large knitting.

Patterns for knitting a pencil skirt

The most suitable patterns for the canvas will be embossed and possibly intersected so that a very dense pattern is obtained.

Very interesting patterns and a well-drawn pattern. At the same time, it is dense, high and practically does not stretch over time.

A common knitting is a mess. Also, this pattern is often called rice and even pearls. Depending on the scale, it can be large and small. Accordingly, the pattern is small rice and large.

Unusual and very interesting pattern called diagonal. These are simple diagonal stripes that make a thing fashionable and beautiful.

Not the first season this pattern remains popular. But now it is customary to use it not only for vests.

It is difficult to bypass such a voluminous and dense pattern. What beautiful products he creates. At least one thing, but it should be with such an attractive pattern for the girl.

A pencil skirt will complement the pattern with small braids. A fabulous weave and popular design with them are definitely provided.

The usual rubber band 2 * 2 will not be left aside. She emphasizes the figure very beautifully, and even placing it vertically can visually lengthen the legs.

Knitting pencil skirts with knitting needles with diagrams and description

You can make the most fashionable skirts with knitting needles with your own hands. Very interesting models that are selected to create an elegant look. For each model there is a pattern diagram, a detailed description for the work, as well as a list of necessary materials and tools.

Classic pencil skirt

A very restrained model, perfectly complement the business style. Made of small braids. The pattern almost merges and slightly resembles an elastic band. These turn out elegant small pigtails and a beautiful whole canvas.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn with 50% burgundy wool;
  • knitting needles number 2;
  • elastic band 4 cm thick.

Stage: measurements. Three measurements must first be taken. This is the waist circumference, hips and the length of the product from the waist line. Link the pattern to the pattern of the braids provided. Calculate the density and compare everything with the necessary dimensions. Size 46 is shown here, but the loops may vary, since yarn quality and knitting are always different.

Stage: gum. Make a set of loops for the elastic. For size 46 you need to dial 138 loops. Knit with front stitch 10 cm. This is taking into account the lapel for the elastic.

Stage: main pattern. Immediately after performing the front surface of the gum, go to the main canvas pattern. These are small pigtails. The width of one 4 loop. Between pigtails a small interval of 2 purl stitches. In the first row, add 10 loops evenly. Then knit according to the pattern of the fabric and after 10 cm add also the same number of loops. Knit the product unchanged to a length of 30 cm, and then begin to decrease.

Stage: decrease. Reduce through 10 cm and first remove the loops of the wrong fabric. First time through one strip. When there will be only one wrong loop between the pigtails, stop the reduction and tie to the elastic.

Stage: gum. The elastic is performed according to the 2 * 2 scheme. These are two front and two wrong loops. Knit about 10 cm and finish knitting. Close the loops strictly according to the pattern of the canvas, tightening the loops well so that the protrusion does not turn out.

Stage: assembly. Insert the elastic, sew the fabric with a blind stitch and you can measure a beautiful little thing.

We knit a pencil skirt with a slit

Here it is a simple and uncomplicated elastic 2 * 2. This beautiful thing is very slim, so all those who want to visually lengthen their legs and seem a little slimmer - opt for this model.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn with medium merino wool;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: measurements. Very worthy product easy to manufacture. Only two measurements need to be taken. The first is the waist circumference, and the second is the desired length from the waist.

Important! The elastic stretches very well and therefore there is no need to measure the circumference of the hips. The model should be tight.

Tied the sample and calculated the required number of loops.

Stage: gum. For gum, knit with a basic pattern of 6 cm. Use a thin rubber band so as not to focus on the skirt belt.

Stage: base. After the elastic, knit with the same pattern to the cut line, it runs 18 cm to the required length.

Stage: cutout. To get a cutout, knitting from a circle simply goes to a simple cloth. But try to disconnect in place, between the two front loops, so that from them it’s easy to make hem them further. Knit the rest of the product in straight and reverse rows and close all the loops.

Important! So that the skirt does not turn out to be a wave on the bottom after closing the loops, the elastic should be closed not by two loops knitting together and transferring, but three.

The new thing will definitely not gather dust in the closet, the fashionista will not let her out of her everyday outfit.

How to tie a peplum pencil skirt

A popular basque model for girls and women. Emphasizes all the charms of the figure. This model, in addition to the Basque, is also rich in Aran. It’s hard not to notice such an amazing product. The peplum itself is lush and made with the usual 2 * 2 elastic band.

To work, you will need:

  • Pecherka yarn with a soft pile of blue color;
  • knitting needles number 2.5.

Stage: gum. Perform a simple front surface with the required set of circular rows with a height of 10 cm.

Stage: base. Go to the main pattern of the braids and the English gum in the form of a rhombus. There are also pigtails around the edges. Between the elements to perform the wrong surface. With it, the pattern will be more distinct.

Stage: gum. Knit to the elastic with the main pattern. Rubber on the bottom of the product must be 1 * 1. This is one front and one wrong loop. Make no more than 5 cm and close the rows strictly according to the pattern of the canvas.

Stage: Basque. Basque is made with regular rubber. For her, you need to dial 7 loops and start with a gum pattern. Perform rows with additions. Every three rows make additions from one edge. After receiving the necessary width of the basque, the reduction should be stopped. Continue knitting with the same symmetrical decrease. There will be 7 loops and just close them.

Stage: assembly. First sew the basques to the front shelf, and then insert the elastic band and make a blind seam in the wrong side of the skirt.

Openwork pencil skirt

This is just a weightless skirt. But the pattern is so transparent that it necessarily requires a pad. For the pad, you can use a beige-colored cotton fabric.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn thin cotton of medium thickness;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: gum. Such an elastic band is not provided here, but a couple of rows and a row with crochets will come in handy for a rope that will fix the outfit. Knit 6 rows in a circle with front stitch. In the middle, make crochets every 10 loops.

Stage: base. Go to the main pattern and knit to the length necessary for the model with rhombuses according to the pattern. Stop knitting in the middle of the rapport and just close the loops.

Stage: assembly. Insert a thread, it can be a chain of air loops. The product is ready for the first fitting and constant dilution with fashion accessories.

How to knit a pencil skirt for full

You can knit a pencil skirt for any figure. There is an important advantage of the product. By changing the length line, we get a correction line. Full legs will help lengthen the line just below the knee. But a good effect is achieved with a length just above the knee. Here's a game of style. But the main thing that is not required for full legs is volume. It is necessary, on the contrary, to choose as flat drawings as possible. Better with tending stripes vertically. This visually lengthens the silhouette and legs. But you should not focus on wide lines, it is better to take thin lines, for example, a 2 * 2 elastic band.

Features of knitted skirts

A true master for each thing has its own, but small tricks. Now all that is important to consider when knitting a skirt:

  • It is better to use a dense yarn that will not stretch (you can additionally add a dense thread, for example, iris).
  • It is better to knit from the top (from the belt) and down and preferably without seams, in ordinary circular rows.
  • After washing, the product will necessarily stretch, so the width will go a couple cm.
  • When knitting for a short and full figure, you should not take dense patterns that will make the product heavier and it is better to take a thinner thread.

Here are some interesting tricks to consider when creating an elegant knitted women's skirt. Do not stop and try new and new models - this is what real masters do. Raisa Ryazanova is an artist with a capital letter and she does not cease to admire knitted handicrafts and says: "To be able to do something with your own hands is a talent, but a talent from God is to be able to knit." Therefore, all those who know how and learn to knit - value your work and develop your unique talent.