Knitting cap

Colds come and the wardrobe gradually begins to replenish with warm blouses, outerwear and hats, they are very interested in needlewomen. Many have already tied a couple of fashionable volumetric novelties for themselves and their relatives. In order for the knitted cap to become voluminous, there are many techniques. For example, the most elementary is bulk yarn. In this case, the pattern is unimportant, the cap will already differ markedly in volume and originality.

Materials and Tools

The choice of yarn is huge, it is important to first choose the quality of the yarn. If this is a winter model, it is better to give preference to threads with a good wool content (from 60%). For the demi-season option, you can consider cooler products.

Knitting needles are already an addition to yarn. The number should correspond to the thread, unless knitting in two threads. In this case, you need to take the size of the spokes twice as much.

The model of knitting needles for circular knitting is circular and hosiery. For the canvas, ordinary straight knitting needles are useful.

Circular knitting needles

Voluminous knitted patterns

Several canvas patterns that will also add volume:

  • braids;
  • patent gum;
  • spikelets;
  • arana;
  • honeycomb pattern;
  • confusion.

We knit a volume hat with a knit lapel

A cap with a small lapel, this is a three-dimensional model with an original pattern across the canvas.

Arana, a wide selection of various braids will effectively decorate the hat, and a shade of yarn will help you choose it for any bow: jacket, coat or short coat.

Consider several models with a detailed description, diagrams and photos.

Volumetric hat with a lapel

A very popular cap model with a voluminous pattern of English gum and an additional two lapels. These hats are worn around the world, they are easy to perform. Creative model with high and voluminous elastic. The crown is barely noticeable, adolescents, men and women love this product.

For this model we need:

  • pink yarn baby pechora (medium thickness);
  • knitting needles No. 3 (circular or stocking).

Loop set

Before a set of loops a small sample is knitted. We collect 20-30 loops with knitting needles, and knit a sample in the form of a small square.

A ruler determines how many loops horizontally and vertically are in these 10 cm. This is called the density of knitting. But the square always perform according to the pattern of the canvas of the selected model.

By the indicator, you can determine how many loops will be needed for the initial set to the header. Measure the head circumference with a measuring tape and take 2-3 cm.

Important! In order for the hat to sit perfectly, it is necessary to take a few centimeters from the circumference of the head. This is a condition for any hat. Because all knitted things can stretch.

For this model, the set was 66 loops. Knitting begins immediately with a pattern of fabric. The length of the product should total 47 cm. Of these, for the lapel 20 cm (since the lapel is double 10 cm). Only 2 cm is intended for reduction. Therefore, the fabric in a circle must be knitted to a height of 45 cm.


To reduce the English gum is not so difficult. It is necessary to cut immediately three loops in the last two rows. Then cut the thread not too short, and stretch through all the loops of the last row. Tighten very tightly and tie a thread tightly. Hide the thread with a hook in the loop of the fabric inside the cap.

Important! Take the time to hide the threads. If they are cut very short, the thread can quickly open.

How accurately the last row and tightening will be performed, the crown of the product will depend.

Only two stages and a fashionable hat is ready.

For a change, you can add a large emblem and a fluffy pompom in the middle of the double gum. There will be a completely different model.

Cap with volumetric braids

Charming winter purple hat with braids and a fur pompom. The model can safely complement the winter down jacket with a fur collar.

This hat will require very warm yarn, do not pay attention to prickly varieties. It is better to choose fluffy soft Angora or wool. It is more convenient to tie such a model with circular knitting needles.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn half-wool of violet color;
  • fur pompom;
  • circular knitting needles No. 3.

Loop set

We carefully study the pattern and knit a pattern on 30 loops.

Important! Yarn consumption will be significantly increased if a braid pattern is used.

Tied up and calculated the density of knitting. According to the sample, make a calculation for a set of loops for the circumference of the head.

Scheme "braids"

Braids: remove 5 loops and put back (preferably on another knitting needle or pin), then knit 5 loops, after which we knit 5 removed loops.


First, in a circle, you need to knit with an elastic band 2 * 2. The height of the elastic should be 14 cm.

Important! In order for the hem to be neat, you need to knit one row in the front side simply with purl loops. Then continue the gum. This row should be strictly in the middle of the gum.

The basis

After the elastic, we switch to the pattern of pigtails, and there may be the first difficulty - the wrong set of loops. After all, no one usually takes into account how many loops a braid pattern will require. It is necessary to compare the rapport and the set of loops. They can be discreetly added after the gum to the desired amount.

Important! Many craftsmen make elastic from a smaller number of loops so that the product fits snugly, and then simply add loops.

Tie up the braids to 5 rapport up. Next, start the inconspicuous decrease in 6 loops every three rows. When the hat reaches the desired size, then just pull all the loops into one. Securely fasten and hide the thread on the wrong side of the product.


Sew on the pompom and the hat is finished. There are models of pompons with buttons, here just attach the button to the top of the cap.

Important! Button pompons are very convenient. They can simply be detached when washing the product.

Here is such an elegant hat can be created from your favorite yarn.