Knitting bags with beads and crochet - with patterns

Many representatives of the fairer sex believe that there are never many handbags in the wardrobe. But unfortunately, it is not always possible to allocate funds from the family budget to purchase a sufficient number of cute accessories. This is especially true for products for special occasions.

The best solution to this problem will be the independent production of the original little thing, knitted from beads or using a hook. Do not think that only experienced craftswomen can do such a thing. There are options that even a beginner can handle.

We will introduce you to patterns that will make knitting a bag simple.

How to tie a handbag with beads

Such material is usually used for knitting small items. They must necessarily have a lining part.

There are two options for working with this material. The first is weaving the upper part from beads with a needle.

To work you will need:

  • Czech beads;
  • needle for beads;
  • bead thread or fishing line;
  • accessories (lightning, clips and rings for the handle).

The work was performed according to the schemes below.

Outline pattern

Flower outline

Harness for handle

Operating procedure

  • Build a pattern.
  • Perform a flower according to this pattern.
  • Using the pattern of the main pattern, weave two parts. At the same time , weave the flower in the front part.
  • Sew the inside of the product.
  • Combine the lining and the wicker base.
  • Install the zipper.
  • Weave a tourniquet for the handle on the pattern.
  • At the edges of the harness, install the handle mounts.
  • Attach the handle to the main product.

Attention! This model will look spectacular if you emphasize the contours of the flower in contrasting color. And in the middle attach a large bead or artificial crystal.

How to crochet a handbag

The second option is to combine the hook fabric with beads. For this, in the process of knitting, beads are strung on fiber.

Stringing method

We will analyze the detailed manufacturing using an example.

For the embodiment you will need yarn, beads, a hook, a needle and a thread, as well as a locking mechanism and handle fasteners.

Operating procedure

  • Make a pattern to your size.
  • Choose the appropriate pattern for embroidery with beads.

Sample circuit

  • Knit the fabric, stringing the beads on the thread, while the fabric is performed by the RLS so that the beads are on the front side.
  • Assemble the parts in a single design.
  • Install the locking mechanism.
  • Weave a tourniquet for a hand and install accessories on it.
  • Attach the handle to the finished item.

Important! Choose a thread so that when knitting on the front side an even cover of beads is formed.

Useful Tips for Making Knitted Bags

In order for a thing to please the eye after manufacturing, you need to know some nuances.

  • For knitting, choose only high-quality material .
  • Be sure to create a pattern and knit a design sample . And also do not forget to apply the part to the pattern in the manufacturing process.
  • Use special devices to facilitate work, such as an organizer .
  • Organize the workplace so that it is not only convenient, but also has good lighting. This will not spoil the vision.

Have a nice creative process and a wonderful result.