Knitted pleated skirt

The recently pleated skirt pleated again does not leave the catwalk . She again climbs into the leading places. But no one ever forgot about her, even if she ceases to be a popular girl, they will not immediately be able to refuse such a cutie.

This style has captivated the hearts of girls so much that it simply will not work around it.

But it is also pleasing that the model has revived again and therefore very fashionable models await you further.

We just take and make cool pleated skirts for women and girls.

Yarn and knitting needles

The pleated yarn should be of medium thickness, otherwise the pattern simply will not be visible and it will merge with straight skirts. But in terms of warmth, it can be both summer and a model for winter time.

Knitting needles are selected after the yarn and always by the number for the fiber. Usually there are special footnotes on the yarn itself that suggest which knitting or crochet is worth making the product.


It is very appropriate in this case to tie a sample, and see how many loops should be counted on when performing the product. In fact, the sample should be made even larger, since this insidious pattern can become more tight with a large volume and turn out to be small. But huge reserves are not worth fulfilling for him.

Set of first stitches for 2 knitting needles

Therefore, a small sample, then we consider how many loops are necessary for 10 cm, and everything was compared to the existing size.

That's all you can continue knitting, but with the right set of loops. We will analyze knitted pleated skirts with a detailed description.

Three-elastic pleated skirt for women

A very interesting interpretation of the pleated skirt with knitting needles is connected by three different elastic bands. The most interesting thing is that many masters so often use such simple patterns in their works that they do not even consider them as something separate and for the design of the whole model.

The work will require:

  • Angora yarn thick fiber;
  • knitting needles number 3.


All sizes below are for size 46 only.

The first gum

The main loops are almost invisible, but they are. This is a wide elastic, which is inserted into the corresponding pocket. For a pocket the front smooth surface is used. But it is not so noticeable, as the next pattern goes on and it just gets lost in the whole canvas.

To complete the beginning, to model 46, you need to dial 160 loops. Knit for this 10 cm. This indicator is designed for a width of 5 cm. Immediately after 10 cm of the front surface, you need to go to the first knit. This will be 1 * 1 binding. For her, it is worth knitting 17 cm.

Second knitting

After the second circuit begins, and again it is an elastic band, but not 1 * 1, but 1 * 2. For the front side you need to show side 2 front loops. To do this, add one loop after each front loop of the previous one and in a new row knit these crochets with front loops.

Important! More reliable, instead of the usual yarn, make additions by knitting the gap between the main loops (these are small compounds). In this case, there will be no noticeable addition or holes, which are so often obtained after yarn.

Knit in a new pattern 20 cm from the beginning of knitting 1 * 2.

Gum third

The third knit and she is the last pleated skirt pattern. This is respectively 2 * 2. For her, make additions of purl loops, additions are very similar to the previous technique. Therefore, such an addition will not be visible. But the extension will turn out beautiful. Knit to the floor with the remaining pattern. The last row is simply closed by the pattern of the canvas, but try to close it spaciously and without pulling it together. This will create a magnificent wave, which will prevent the real waves from pleating to shift to the side.

So the charm is ready and you can try it on with your favorite turtleneck. The product looks very impressive if it is carried out with multi yarn.

Pleated Mini Skirt with False Eraser for Girl

What a deception it turns out if you use a false gum and is it so beautiful . How beautiful it is. The most interesting thing is that not a real English is suitable for a pleated skirt, but its copy or false. It doesn’t tighten the loops, and the pattern itself is two-sided.

It turns out that the effect of pleated and knitting is not so difficult . If we compare such an elastic band in complexity with the English, then it cannot be simpler than this type. It's all about the false model technique. It provides just the front and wrong loops. No demolition, crochet and other red tape, as was the case with the natural English model, is not expected here.

The work will require:

  • acrylic yarn;
  • knitting needles number 2.


Initially, it is better to tie a small sample and count the loops for your sample, even if the model is the same size as this one. Each has its own density, and the thickness of the thread may vary. This pleat is designed for size 42.


Perform 1 * 1 knitting for 20 rows . Then it will be necessary to insert a real elastic band into this pocket so that the skirt is good at the waist.

The basis

And finally, the most interesting and intriguing part of the skirt begins - this is the long-awaited pleated knitting needles. Apply the given scheme and knit 20 rapports along the width of 26 cm. If desired, the model can be continued to a lower line. For example, to the knee line or create a midi skirt. But even such a shortened pleated model looks stunning.

The model is ready after the seam for the elastic is made and it is inserted to the skirt. The experiments with different colors of yarn look very beautiful and you can clearly see how beautiful the contrast strip lies in this pattern.

Pleated Skirt

It really is a pleated, so charming this weave. The most interesting thing is that only two crochets create this interweaving, which are knitted without an interval, and next to adjacent loops. The bands between are just the front loops.

The work will require:

  • gray pechora yarn;
  • knitting needles number 2.


It is imperative to measure the circumference of the waist, quickly tie the sample on the pattern of the canvas and evaluate how many loops will be required to complete the product . There is simply no such beautiful model that would be knitted with such a simple pattern. You can safely refer the model to a beginner.


The elastic for such beauty is performed by the usual, simple and familiar facial surface. For size 46, you need to dial 170 loops in a circle and start the front surface canvas in a circle. Knit 60 rows and go to the pattern of the main pattern. Add-ons should be done at the yarn points. So knit to midi length. The pattern does not expand, despite the fact that there are a lot of crochets.


For the model, it will be necessary to expand along the edge of the skirt and for this it will be necessary to simply add after the 30 cm pattern pleated crochets in a loop. So do additions through 15 rows and knit to the knee line.

So the luxurious pleated skirt with knitting needles is ready. She did not take much time, but what a splendid result. Many will simply envy this skill.

Such simple and complex models can be created. A charming pleated model is waiting for your models. Therefore, we cast aside all doubts and just begin to type loops for pleated.