Knitted mohair skirt

Mohair yarn is becoming popular and products from it are in great demand. Manufacturers have already noticed its clear advantage and will soon raise the price of fiber. Therefore, you should hurry up with the choice of yarn.

Adorable blouse made of thin and delicate mohair. Now there are several models of skirts from mohair that would easily complement any blouse and a couple of things from the wardrobe of a fashionable lady.

Yarn and knitting needles

Mohair has different fibers and therefore it is divided according to the thickness of the thread. For children, a very thin thread is often used, it is created from the wool of young goats. Therefore, she is so fluffy and tender. But for older people, you can also look for good threads with a thicker fiber.

Some models can easily be created from its thickest fiber, and this is only a thing to face. Each color has its own preferences, but it’s better to peek at what colors will be fashionable in the season and tie not only a beautiful skirt, but also to match the fashionable shades of the year.

As for the knitting needles - their choice is based on the product. For example, sun skirts connected in a circle and other skirts in a circle are easy and very convenient to create with round knitting needles. Other models can be tried using simple and straight knitting needles.

Knitting pattern

Hoping for guessed loops for a skirt is clearly not worth it. Better done according to the instructions. Many really do not want to knit a pattern. And it is very unclear why, because knitting is a hobby. Why not practice with the pattern first separately. Then start the whole product. In addition, during training, you can still calculate the density of mating . According to this indicator, it will be easy to calculate the loops for any product and mohair skirt, including.

All that comes in handy is a regular stationery ruler. We measure 10 cm and calculate how many loops are obtained in the obtained segment and how many rows . That's all - this is two numbers to denote the density of the knit.

Step-by-step how to knit mohair skirts

All the subtleties are more and less understandable and now you can go to the most juicy - these are the models themselves from mohair. But here very sophisticated models are selected, and there is the opportunity not only to contemplate the lovely things with your own eyes, but also to perform them with a very clear guide. Therefore, we simply buy mohair and knitting needles by the number for mohair and begin to do the same steps in creating a new thing.

Long mohair skirt with knitting needles

This ideal was created by simple knitting needles and simply golden hands of the master. Very feminine and with great taste. One can only imagine how warm and pleasant to the body. The diamonds on the canvas fit very well into the format. And a small frill is an echo of antiquity with fashionable lace and very magnificent flounces.

The work will require:

  • mohair yarn of medium thickness;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: measurements

For a skirt, you need to measure the waist circumference and the height of the product from the waist line to the floor . Next, knit a pattern on the canvas pattern and calculate how much the density of knitting will be and determine how many loops are needed for circular dialing. Do not knit to the floor according to the main pattern. It is necessary to subtract 10 cm from the length and perform these 10 cm with a shuttlecock and a simple facial smoothness.

Stage: elastic

For gum use a simple facial smoothness, and so that it does not look massive it is better to use the thinnest gum that is commercially available for fixation. This gum is often used for leotards. But it is very useful in this product, just make a small pocket for it and insert it in the assembly phase. Knit with a front stitch about 30 cm.

Stage: base

After an impressive gum, go to the diamond pattern. This is a very beautiful geometric figure in this case, miniature and slim. It is carried out with the help of yarn and loops knitted together. It turns out a very beautiful openwork rhombuses.

Knit in a circle after the front surface and make additions after each rapport by the number of loops equal to 3 rapports. So continue to the end of the canvas with rhombuses. In order to get a smooth bevel, you need to finish the front side and carefully exit to the back. Gradually close the hinges. First, half a circle, and then close in each row one rapport. Knit to the required length and just close all the loops.

Stage: shuttlecock

It is better to make a border with front stitch and for this it is worth typing along the edge of the hem of the loop. Knit with a simple facial smoothness and make small additions in each row so that the wave turns out to be very magnificent than the main fabric. To add, it is better to use the scheme in every second row to make additions one loop through 5 loops. Knit a shuttlecock 10 cm, and close all the loops.

Stage: assembly

Sew the edge of the upper elastic band and leave a small piece. Insert the elastic with a convenient pin and sew the length to the end.

So, a fashionable and very elegant skirt model is ready.

Full skirt with short flounces

Very unusual, feminine and stunning model. This is the dream of any girl, girl and woman. It's time to fulfill all your dreams. We begin to carry it out in a simple and understandable way further.

The work will require:

  • mohair yarn is the thinnest fiber;
  • knitting needles number 2.

Stage: measurements

Measure waist circumference and length from waist to knee line. These measurements will be needed for the base of this skirt. Since the model itself consists of a base that resembles a pencil skirt, it will be very fitted. But the flounces are magnificent and so airy - these are elements already sewn on top of such a base. Tie a small square from the pattern of the front surface and determine how many loops are 10 cm. How many rows there can be.

Fix these two numbers, since this is the density of the knitting, from which you can safely build a pattern for the product. What to do next. Calculate how many loops are needed along the waistline, and how many rows will need to be tied for the length of the product. And you can make a mistake in the number of rows, but you should not joke with the width.

Stage: base

For 46 sizes of mohair for the base, you need to dial 200 loops . Knit 60 cm for the base and just close the loops.

Important! Tie a few cm for the elastic, since the upper part will need elastic.

Front surface

Stage: shuttlecocks

According to the model, 6 shuttlecocks will be required. You can knit immediately from the product, you can sew them separately and then just sew them in the right places with a hidden seam. For the width of the shuttlecock, use two measures of waist circumference. But with each row make additions after each 5 stitches per loop.

Knit a length of 12 cm for one shuttlecock. It is very important that each subsequent shuttlecock is slightly larger and more magnificent than the previous one, and therefore, when dialing for the next, it is worth adding 20 loops in the set at once, and the scheme remains unchanged, adding in the same sequence. As a result, it is necessary to create 6 shuttlecocks.

Stage: assembly

If the shuttlecocks were done separately, then they should be sewn neatly to the base, having previously drawn lines and attached to the product. Make a pocket for the elastic and insert the elastic carefully, sew up the remaining piece.

The model is just ready to be tried on and you can show off in this perfect creation in front of the mirror.

Very beautiful and very elegant novelties from mohair yarn are obtained from the masters. Do not be afraid of these loops with villi and just choose what you like and do this beauty.