Knitted dresses 2019: fashion trends

The fact that everything new is a well-forgotten old was once again confirmed by the couturier, bringing knitwear from the end of the last century onto the catwalks. About the new clothes of the 80s a little more.

Fashion trends in 2019

It is difficult to call absolute novelties what was presented at the last shows of fashion houses; rather, these are variations on the theme of good old knitwear. But so that your image is not "pulled by mothballs", it is worth paying attention to some nuances and correctly placing emphasis.

Among the new trends of this season, the following can be noted:

  • handmade items, especially coarse coarse knitting;
  • oversize size and male elements in a suit;
  • jacquard and intarsia technique;
  • bright color combinations;
  • shoulder pads;
  • unusual sleeves, not only long and voluminous, but also decorated with unusual details for knitwear;
  • jewelry in the form of beads, rhinestones or many brooches, in short, the more jewelry and the more unusual places for them are selected, the better.
  • pay attention to fluffy mohair - this is the trend of the season.


Dresses with an asymmetrical hem, top, print are not only a knitted trend, but in this design they look very bright. Asymmetric hemline best plays on midi dresses just above the knee or maxi to the ankle . Lap details, plug-in elements or just a slanting cut - a stunning image is guaranteed.

An interesting effect is achieved by “shifting” the large geometric detail of the picture, which looks cut along. Large, but smooth knitting, natural natural tones, geometric prints - all these fashionable "pieces" look great on such dresses.

Wide strip

The horizontal strip of color is relevant in this season; it can be vertical only in the texture of knitting. Almost any color scheme is welcomed, the main thing is that the colors are combined with each other . The striped dress can be any length of a straight or fitted cut.

Important! Special care in choosing a model requires a mini, as a horizontal strip visually expands the figure.

With patterns

The already mentioned jacquard and large geometry in the technique of intersection are the main patterns of this season. Made in a palette of natural shades, they emphasize the femininity and fragility of the figure, despite the masculinity of the decor itself. This technique is dictated by the emerging fashion for handmade from knitted "waste".

Deliberate negligence becomes natural, and therefore more natural and universal images are created . Such patterns can be on dresses of any length and cut, you just need to think carefully about where to wear them.

Knitted texture

This season is dominated by large loose knitting and voluminous patterns that fit into a casual and loose style and are preferred for winter clothing and for off-season.

Such decor looks interesting in long dresses of various silhouettes, made in one color. For summer clothes, light thin weaving is offered, patterns of flowers and curls, the choice of styles and decorations in this regard is significantly expanding. It will look good in this design and various lengths.

Open shoulders

A dress with bare shoulders or one shoulder is traditionally considered one of the most feminine models. Such clothes from knitwear can be short and long, but it is better to choose a fitted silhouette.


Since the sleeves were in the spotlight of designers, they are the first to be decorated with ruffles and ruffles. However, the hem of the dress, decorated with such a detail, will give the image femininity and elegance.

Flirty hem

A fashionable innovation of the season is a flirty hem. It can be made of fabric or knitwear of a different texture, its main purpose is to create the effect of a double skirt . Dresses of any length and silhouette will look quite harmonious with such a yoke if the image matches the style you have chosen.


Oversize size is quite applicable to dresses. With the right shoes and accessories, such a model will not look baggy, but will emphasize the grace of a female figure . It is worth paying attention to the voluminous details that fashion designers have abundantly decorated their knitwear collections with: pockets, collars and sleeves will give your costume an individual touch.

Sweater dress

Ultramini this season is at the peak of popularity, which is why sweater dresses have organically returned to fashion. A fashionable outfit should be in neutral colors and a loose cut, which will create the impression of a fragile figure. A belt will help emphasize the waistline. It can be worn both solo and with tight trousers or a skinny.


Knitted dress on a figure - a subject of desire of any woman. Long and short, with different textures, with and without patterns, they look equally stylish and modern. We recommend paying special attention to the favorite of the season - the length of the midi.

Important! Modern designers present models that can be easily combined with cardigans and jackets, so some restrictions for ladies with imperfect shapes can be removed.


Any woman can choose this version of the dress for herself, since this is the most democratic model. Any length and any silhouette are allowed, the main thing is that the color and texture of the material are in the trend . Do not forget about accessories - such brevity without support can be boring.

Winter and knitted knitted dresses

In a warm knitted outfit, you can look strictly and stylishly. Fashion designers offer office knit dresses in thin knits in nude shades below the knee. Complement the ensemble with high-heeled shoes, a thin strap at the waist - and the look is ready.

For everyday wear, it is worth considering options for dresses with various collars, for example, a collar or golf, in natural colors of midi or mini length. Perfectly this outfit will be combined with long boots or boots, a coat or a fur coat.

Important! A maxi dress with a collar will look too closed, and an open top in cold winter is impractical. If you choose the option with cuts, then do not forget to wear dark tight tights.

Demi-season dresses

Warmer weather requires a wider selection of models. Dresses in office style can be made of thinner material, the neckline is more open, and the length is slightly shorter. Choose a smooth texture and calm colors . Long boots are replaced by ankle boots or shoes, and a light coat or cloak will replace the coat.

For every day you can already wear a dress of any length and texture, more vivid colors, with prints and without them. Complement it with a fur vest or a leather jacket, as accessories, hats and light scarves will be most appropriate here.

Summer knitwear

In office dresses, restraint and elegance are always appreciated, so it is better to choose natural colors in a calm palette, and the texture of the material is preferable to a smooth one or with a slightly pronounced relief pattern in the form of vertical weaves . Classic midi length, fitted silhouette.

Open shoulders and back, length of mini and midi, ruffles and ruffles, flowers and peas - all these fashionable details fully manifest themselves in summer dresses. For a romantic look, openwork dresses on the floor will become indispensable. The color scheme of natural shades is expanded by neon colors, which gives room for fashion experiments.

Knitted dresses for full

Ladies with curvaceous wave shapes can afford to wear knitted dresses. You just need to slightly adjust the features of your figure with the help of small female tricks:

  • be sure to use underwear corrective so that the shapes are tightened;
  • consider the individual characteristics of the figure when buying a knitted dress.

As for the images, then it is not forbidden for full ladies to wear warm knitted dresses with ankle boots or boots, if it is a mini. For a walk around the city, a sweater dress in dark or pastel colors, complemented by colored matte tights, is quite suitable.

If you add a loose knitted A-silhouette model with a leather vest, you get a very stylish bow, which can be used even in the office, if the frame of the dress code allows.