Knitted booties

How many models of booties, you just don’t know where to start. I am glad that the products are not so large, and in just one evening you can make one couple for your beloved child. The article presents two luxury news that are very fashionable and comfortable this season. The kid will appreciate new things in his wardrobe with a cute smile. This is a model - booties, which, in addition to a warm and comfortable sole, also have a high elastic, and very much resemble real boots of a child. But the decorations on the side of each shoe will not leave any chance in the nomination for the first places of these wonderful shoes.

Selection of yarn and knitting needles

What should be children's clothes, such should be yarn to create such boots. The criteria here are safety, this also applies to soft fiber, which certainly should be pleasant to the skin of the baby. Also , the hypoallergenic composition of the yarn should be taken as the basis .

Color is also important for creating a product . Kids are very fond of bright and catchy things.

Important! It should be noted that doctors are increasingly advising under the age of 1 year, while the child’s vision has not yet formed, use as few poisonous colors as possible.

I would like to get socks very warm, and, of course, the presence of wool is very welcome. If you wish, you can additionally insulate models with fleece inserts or even warmer and non-spinning matter.

Knitting needles for working with this particular model. Since circular knitting will be used in the work, and the circle in this case will have a small number of loops, it is better to use hosiery rather than circular knitting needles.

We also pay attention to the number of the tool, it must match the number to the yarn .

More often, the manufacturer reserves the last word and prints the number of the hook and the number of knitting needles, which are more likely to work with such a thread.


When creating booties for a child, the master uses at least three measurements . This is the length of the foot, the width of the foot of the baby and the height of the boot. Additionally, it will not be superfluous to measure the circumference of the ankle to tie the product exactly along the leg.

But many masters simply use ties on this line, and neglect such a measure. Another important measure that is used for adult models, but very rarely used for such crumbs, is the circumference along the midline of the foot length. This is the circumference of the climb . It will also be useful to calculate this measure when creating a toe.

How to knit booties with knitting needles?

Booties-boots by the principle of their execution are very reminiscent of classic models, but the difference will be in the length of the shank . For a boot, it is usually much longer, and in some models it can be increased by 2 times.

Important! The beginning usually goes from the sole, then the sides and the toe .

Set of stitches for 2 knitting needles

Later, attention turns to the creation of gum and drumsticks. Consider a step-by-step description with diagrams and photos (drawings). A beautiful pattern with braids is always in fashion.

Pink booties with braids and honeycombs

Very unusual knitting pattern . Reminds and cones and many other elements. In fact, these are braids of a honeycomb with knitting needles . All this looks even more unusual in a simple facial smoothness . Then, in the article, the solution to such an unusual pattern with knitting needles, and in detail about how to make these patterns with knitting needles from the very beginning. And advice on how to decorate the model.

To work, use:

  • durable yarn for children's products;
  • knitting needles for baby yarn;
  • bead;
  • tape to make a flower.


Measure the foot length on the baby's leg and fix the result. Then measure the width of the foot with a measuring tape. It is better to additionally measure the circumference of the climb, in order to more accurately calculate the number of loops in rows in the area of ​​the toe. Also measure the length of the desired product from the heel line to the desired edge along the top.


To get the product according to the appropriate size of the child’s legs, you will need to perform a small sample. For him to use a new and very unusual pattern - these are the braids of a honeycomb with knitting needles . Knit a small square canvas, and count how many loops are obtained by 10 cm, and how many rows of a new canvas pattern are obtained at such sizes. Next, two numbers of such a density of knitting should be obtained , and from them it will be necessary to calculate the measurements for the foot, and how many rows will be needed for the lower leg.


According to the above diagram, the soles should be made using the pattern of the garter stitch, which will be further on the sides and on the toe, to take the necessary measurements. To correct the size, you can add and reduce the middle loops of the circuit .

To get an unusual side - you need to again set the loops along the edge of the resulting foot and knit 4 rows with the additions and use the wrong surface for them. Then, the row is filled with facial smoothness with corresponding reductions for the circumference of the foot.

Sides and toe

Now you don’t need to type loops, this work was done by an unusual side, and you just need to knit its continuation, but use a different canvas pattern in the work - this is a garter stitch.

Knit the required number of rows by the standards, but do the reduction only on the side of the toe and preferably in different places, so that it is less noticeable from the side. Reach the line of the ankle and it will begin the bootleg.


For shanks use your own pattern. This is the basis of this shoe and the beautiful braids of the honeycomb with knitting needles. To knit the required number of rapports in height, and then change to another thread, and simply to knit with the front smooth surface. Close the loops in the usual way.

Front surface

Assembly and decoration

For assembly, you will need to flash the sides of the side so that it does not change the size of the shoe. Make it a thread to match the tone of the model. To decorate, use a ribbon, and make a beautiful flower with it, decorate it with a small bead and just sew on the side of the toe.

So, cute booties with knitting boots are ready.

White booties with original decoration

These white boots look so expensive. In fact, their whole secret is in a beautiful decoration. Many masters believe that the most important thing in work is decoration.

To work, use:

  • white children's sock yarn;
  • knitting needles and hook on the thickness of the thread;
  • decoration for a bow.


Measure the child’s foot length and lifting circumference. Also measure how much cm is needed to the height of the product.


Since the front part is the largest part in the work, then density calculation will take place precisely along this canvas pattern. Next, determine how many rows and loops will be needed for each measurement.

Front surface


Work begins from the top . Knit is done in circular rows and it is necessary to knit with the front surface the required length, given the bend. Then 2 cm need to knit elastic 2 * 2 .


For the toe, you will need to knit a small square in straight and reverse rows. Most often this is only 1/4 of the entire set of loops. This is the front surface .

Side part

Next, make an additional set of loops along the edge of the toe on each side, and continue knitting with a garter stitch.


To get the foot, you will need to knit loops from the front of the toe, and each time add 1 on each side. So tie up to the heel.


For assembly, you will need to make one seam on the heel.

Rachchiy step pattern


Decorate with bow from the decoration and pieces of garter stitch. Additionally, make the side crocheted with the pattern of a step.

So cute models of booties are ready.

These boots should definitely be in the wardrobe of every baby.