Kirkorov gave Pugachev necklace for 80 million rubles

Alla Borisovna became a symbol of an era: talent and mind paved her way to the top of the pop Olympus. Several generations have grown on her songs, she is sincerely loved by millions of people around the world, anxiously following the life of a magnificent and extraordinary woman. Recently, all blogs and front pages of the media took the message about the details of the 70th anniversary. Alla Pugacheva blinded everyone present not only with daring outfits, but also with the priceless Arlekino necklace.

Present? And in honor of what?

Alla Borisovna before the wedding with Maxim Galkin did not appear in public in expensive jewelry, demonstrating indifference to jewelry . They got married in 2011, and since then the young husband began to pamper the diva with chic headsets, the beginning was made by a set of bracelets, earrings and rings, inlaid with diamond and sapphires.

It was after this gift that Alla Borisovna, with her inherent charm, began to call herself a dear woman.

But you should not think that, apart from Galkin, no one ever gave her expensive gifts. The ex-husband, Philip Kirkorov, presented a pendant with the pompous name “Arlekino” several years ago, it clearly carries a reference to the famous song of the singer, which brought dizzying success. The pendant was bought in Zurich, and jewelers estimate the decoration of 80 million rubles! Kirkorov was seen more than once or twice in the expensive gifts of his former lover, he more than once confessed her love.

Necklace Pugacheva for 80 million rubles - what is it like

In the interview you can meet the revelations of Alla Borisovna that she “did not agree in character” with the jewelry, rightly noticing how they distract attention from the artist to herself. The audience unconsciously ceases to listen to songs, examining and evaluating the stones. So it happened this time. After the celebration, people are more interested in the Harlequin necklace than in the live performance of a hit. The prima donna deliberately did the plastic of the vocal cords, not wanting to perform under the phonogram.

Pugacheva repeatedly noted that her jewels devastate her at the energy level, draining her strength.

What is Arlekino? The pop king did not experiment and always gave only diamonds, they show off on this necklace. It is made in the Gothic style of gold, featuring an unusual design.

How Kirkorov comments on his gift

As a truly creative person, the pop king is rather evasive in his comments. You can’t say for sure what goals he pursues, showering presents with his ex-wife.

In an interview with Alla Borisovna, you can find references that she noticed the manipulation of feelings on his part. He arranged gorgeous concerts, confessed his love, that is, in any way drew attention to himself. Perhaps it is really about strong emotions and strong love that Philip Kirkorov carried through years of separation? Every woman deep down dreams of a prince who is ready to give a million red roses, priceless jewelry and luxury cars. Perhaps for this reason, this version is the most popular on the sidelines of various communities.

Or does he attract attention in this way by dissolving intriguing gossip? After all, every gift Kirkorov becomes number one news, overshadowing other facts. In the case of the anniversary, you can see that it cost Alla Pugacheva to demonstrate the original jewelry, as the whole Internet spoke about this!

So far we do not know the exact answer and can only continue to follow the life of the stars, wondering what lies behind their actions. Alla Borisovna is so popular that her every step becomes public.