Jockey boots with what to wear

When selecting shoes, its versatility and practicality play an important role. If you want to look stylish at the same time, then jockey boots are ideal for autumn, winter and spring. Next, we will understand what their features are, with what styles and wardrobe items they are combined.

The name of this shoe speaks of its origin: she came to the wardrobe of fashionistas from the equipment of jockeys. Their original purpose is shoes for riding. Therefore, they are equipped with minimal accessories, practical and durable. The opportunity to engage in horseback riding was previously considered a privilege of aristocrats, people from high society. Therefore, the presence of a pair of jockey boots spoke a lot about the person, giving the image of elegance, aristocracy and elitism.

They penetrated the wider masses in the 20th century with the advent of fashion on hippie culture. Today they are an indispensable element of the wardrobe of any fashionista: due to their practicality, they can survive severe weather conditions and provide several years of wear. Due to their versatility, you can combine a couple with any style and create any image: from strictly and verified to tender and romantic.

Style Features

The bootleg . The product should be lower than the knee in height (about a palm) - this is its maximum height. The boots should rest gently on the foot: do not puff and do not tighten.

Clasp . Real jockey boots are by no means equipped with side zippers: such a pair cannot be called a jockey.

REFERENCE In rare cases, the clasp may be on the back. This is due to their original purpose - an attribute of riding.

Heel . In its shape, it looks more like the heel of “soldier's” shoes: straight, but slightly rounded to the heel. The heel is straight, its color necessarily matches the color of the pad.

IMPORTANT do not confuse it with country-style shoes: the models are similar, but have significant differences.

Sock . Shape: round and elongated. There are no sharp lines: only smooth flow around the form.

Design . The style is very strict, seasoned. There are no decorative elements: rhinestones, spikes. The only permissible decor is small straps.

Color . Classic, the most common shades: black, brown (several options; can reach red), gray.

In other shades there is practically no sense: they will not fit the style. Color is selected depending on taste preferences. Some advise to focus on hair color: for example, rare cognac shades are suitable only for red-haired girls. This rule is not necessary, focus on your taste and wardrobe.

What to wear in the fall

Outerwear. Classic version: short or medium-long coat, raincoat, leather jacket (leather jacket). A warm knitted poncho looks good. Combined with fur products: vests, fur coats, sheepskin coats.

REFERENCE The pile on such products should be short, otherwise they will not be in harmony with the boots.

Tight pants, jeans, leggings are selected to the top. For a colder late fall, a warm jacket is suitable. The main thing is that she should be in a slightly sporty style: classic, seasoned. The design should not have bright, catchy decorative elements. Length above the knee: at least 10-15 cm.

Pants . The style of trousers for jockey boots does not depend on the season: in any case, it should be tight trousers. Slim, skinny, juggins, skinny jeans are best suited. You can experiment with color, but the most successful options are beige, milk, white, black. Thick British velvet leggings combined with a tweed coat and a jacket are suitable for creating a British-style look.

Skirts . Suitable skirt, mini and midi, flared models. To create a contrast, try a light chiffon skirt.

What to wear with in winter

Down jackets and winter coats are freely combined with jockey boots. They should not be too long, the down jacket should be too puffy. It is important that there are no catchy accessories on the clothes: rhinestones, ruffles, a lot of rivets or clips, puffed collars. It is better to choose a direct, classic, strict or sports option.

Combination Tips

Classic looks with jockey boots: a warm knitted sweater, skinny trousers or jeans tucked into boots. Plaid shirts are suitable for jeans, for leggings - sweaters or pullovers of large knitting. As accessories use scarves, clutches, caps, hats. Large bags, various belts, belts look good. Rely to your taste, stay within the chosen style and find the perfect look with jockey boots.