Jewelry for the holidays: gold or jewelry?

Accessories are an important element of any wardrobe, including holiday wear. You need to think carefully about what to bring. Indeed, on vacation, we also want to look "one hundred percent", and accessories will help us in this.

Jewelry for the holidays: jewelry or jewelry

Of course, I want to take jewelry and emphasize my status - this is how successful I am! But it is necessary to weigh what is more important: to worry whether they have stolen, whether they are lost, or boldly put on jewelry.

On the one hand, jewelry is less exposed to the environment, including sea water, than jewelry.

On the other hand, swimming in jewelry is also unsafe . How many rings, bracelets and chains are scattered along the bottom of the sea! And how many people with metal detectors surf the coastal open spaces. They find so much that they provide themselves with decent initial capital.

IMPORTANT ! Remove any rings before entering the water! Fingers exposed to water that are cooler than air will decrease in volume and the rings will slip.

In addition, bulky precious jewelry is generally inappropriate on vacation . If you take something, then only “light” gold and silver products. But jewelry will be quite appropriate on vacation. Although here, size matters.

Jewelry for a trip: what to bring with you

Now we will think over our choice in more detail.


Let's start with the jewels: a small amount can still be taken. Here is what would be appropriate.

  • Thin short gold chain . She will accentuate the tan. And the open neckline will mysteriously shine.
  • The pendant is likely to be inappropriate here.
  • If there is a need to dress business-like even on vacation, then we take miniature jewelry of geometric shapes . For a business dinner, take a kit with large inserts.
  • Thin gold bracelet on hand.
  • Silver earrings and a ring with cubic zirconias .

Other jewelry is not even worth considering.


Here you can already walk around! If you wish, you can choose accessories for each outfit . But that will always be appropriate.

  • Pendants and earrings with enamel . We select the color of a swimsuit. After all, this kit is worth putting on the beach. Enamel is bright, smooth, "plays" in the sun! Beautiful, comfortable and safe. What is required on the beach.

Important ! Jewelry is also better to remove before entering the water. For her, any water is fatal: sea or chlorinated in the pool.

  • Stud Earrings. Here they can not be removed before swimming. Yes, they are vulnerable too. But small and inexpensive - it's not scary to lose, they will not interfere with diving. Yes, and do not mind throwing it after vacation.
  • Pendant on a long chain .
  • Long earrings .
  • Set of thin rings . Or one flat ring with a scattering of small stones .
  • A set of simple bracelets .
  • Hours . Miniature and large. Big watches look good on thin girls. Miniature will suit everyone. The main thing is that the color of the strap is combined with the colors of the wardrobe.

How to wear jewelry while on vacation

Vacation clothing itself is very bright, airy. Do not overload your image and turn into a peacock. One accent is enough.

  • A miniature watch with a thin strap blends perfectly with thin bracelets . It looks incredibly attractive and quite summer-like! A pendant and large earrings will no longer be appropriate here.
  • A long pendant on a thin chain (strap) can be worn with tops with a deep neckline . It can be combined even with several pendants on shorter or very short chains. Of course, it would be better if someone appreciates this combination from the outside.
  • We put on long earrings at a beach party or to visit a bar . By the way, cuff earrings will be appropriate here. Only they should be miniature.
  • Rings will always be appropriate . The main thing is without large stones and not bulky. If you put on a lot of bracelets, then we take one ring. If you choose a pendant, then a set of thin rings is suitable.

Silver jewelry will emphasize femininity when walking along the coast in a long summer dress. Or maybe even wear a hat?

Now that we have found out what accessories to take with you on vacation and how to wear them correctly, you can safely go on the road! And let the rest proceed at the highest level!